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1. What is sportsnasha? is a website dedicated to sports at all levels. The website envisages to support and promote grass-root level sports with a intention to promote young talent.  It is a venture of SRC SPRTSNASHA ADVISORS PVT.LTD.

2. How did sportsnasha form?  Why was sportsnasha formed?

The formation of website was not a sudden process but had a long background.
In brief it’s given below
As we all know it’s not easy to be a respected sportsman other than cricket in a country where cricketers are treated like god and cricket  is a religion . It’s not easy to find a job in our  country if you are state level champion but doesn’t have any other educational qualifications or right contacts. It’s not easy nowadays to make young guys come out of the house and play on the ground.  Most of them  find sitting in airconditioned room playing mobile games  more interesting. It’s also not easy to get your performance on sports field a deserving visibility in media if you are not a star player and moreover not a cricketer.

All these thoughts lingered around my restless mind and process of creating a website which could address these issues started about a few years back . One fine day I (Shirish(Aju)  Deshpande) told myself  “Lets  go ahead with the project without weighing pros and cons.” Sometimes aiming for perfection does not take you anywhere and acts more as a roadblock than anything else.
So when I met Manoj Nirgudkar a local cricketer and IT engineer, I shared the concept, thinking he could quickly suggest a technological solution.  Eventually it took shape in few days only (and  about 4 months back)  with a domain name (sportsnasha) registration and in about week’s time  a quick creation of on a Google ‘s  blogger.complatform took place. By the time our  team was  strengthened by  my ever enthusiastic friend and avid sports lover prof. Rajesh Deo.

After a lot of deliberations discussions and churning  our online  innings had started .  With  a football tournament (Parle Premier League-PPL) at Vileparle Mumbai having about 70 teams and 100 matches we took a first  step became online media partners for young organisor Siddarth  Sabapathy’s PPL . We updated scores on website of this popular league on the same day of the match and put photographs of young footballers and also took interview . Getting about 3000  plus hits on first day, our cause found unexpectedly high response from viewers. The first trial was a great success and  with minimum resources at our disposal.
In the meantime  Maharashtra’s ex Kabaddi captain who is also  Shiv Chatrapati Award winner Mrs. Chhaya Pawar boosted our foundation.
Rajesh and Chhaya ‘s entry was tremendous motivational boost  for the project .
We are now fast becoming a talk among   sportsmen and other sports lovers.
We must say that we are relentlessly helped and voluntarily assisted by international badminton player Milind Purnapatre and hardworking Suhas Bengeri.  Amar Godbole Sunil Bobhate and Sachin have done excellent job of new attractive and content driven website design and  development.

4. How does sportsnasha benefit players?
Sportsnasha apart from website is a movement and envisages to promote young talent. For the purpose we have initiated young sportsman awards (including cash award and a trophy) for six players from different sports. Also we have given Khel Seva Award for lifetime contribution to promotion of sports. These awards will be given to deserving candidates every year. Also Sportsnasha has plans to help  players get jobs for which a system/process is being developed and will be put in place soon.
5. How does sportsnasha benefit sports lovers?
Sportsnasha website is different from other typical sports websites as it provides news/information/data which is exclusive and fresh. Further the articles, interviews, photos and videos at various levels of sports are uploaded. The posts are not only catering to top level of sports but also give a micro level view of sports  for sports lovers all over the world.

6. What is the Mission of sportsnasha?

 We call it movement and not just a website or a publication. It’s a movement of sportmen by sportsmen and for sportsmen.

7. Does sportsnasha help a social cause?

Yes our motto is to bring children back to ground and play sports instead of sitting  at home and play with gadgets. Hence our campaign is to focus on a this specific issue .

We want all of you to  join  our campaign “Hold rackets shun gadgets”

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