National Mallakhamb Championship 2019*

*35th Senior Men, 32nd Junior Boys* & *31st Senior and Junior Girls**From :-* 11th to 14th January 2019*Venue:-* Bhausaheb Bandodkar Ground , Kashinath , Nagueshi, Bandra, Goa*Shree Parleshwar Vyayamshala Achievements*1. *Akshay Taral ( A/18 Men )* •Individual Championship:- Gold Medal 🥇 •Rope Mallakhamb :- Gold Medal 🥇 •Pole Mallakhamb:- Silver Medal 🥈 •Team :- Gold Medal

Mallakhamb Awaited! 9days to Go!

 Wide Publicity was another major highlight of the 13th National Mallakhamb Championships, held at SSVM on 28 to 31st March 1996. The BEST buses carried the photos of Mallakhamb, the print media in various languages gave good pre and  post publicity along with the news during the competition, the All

The 9th National Mallakhamb Championships

The 9th National Mallakhamb Championships were held at Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh from 5th to 8th December 1991. 7 States and 156 players participated. The 10th National Mallakhamb Championships were held at Vivekanandpuram, Kanyakumari, from 4th to 7th February 1993. 11 States, with 199 players participated. Rolling trophies in all the age

Countdown to National Mallakhamb Championship

​ The 8th National Mallakhamb Championships were held at Maharashtriya Mandal, Pune , Maharashtra, between 28th to 30th Dec. 1990.  For the first time, there were 6 teams in all the 4 age groups of men. 171 players from 9 States participated, this number of players was highest of all the

15th 2018 June Mallakhamb Day!

 On 28th & 29th January 1981, a National level Invitational Mallakhamb tournament was organized by New Sports Association at Maharajwada High School, Ujjain. Not the State Associations, but prominent Sports Institutions from different States were invited. 48 players of 12 teams from Bihar, MP, UP & Maharashtra participated. The Competition