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Australian Open tennis:Djolovic loses to 21 year Chung 7-6  7-5  7-6 Roger Federer to face Tomas Berdych in quarter-final || Simona Halep, world number one, enters Australian Open Tennis quarterfinals||  India clinch Blind Cricket World Cup title after defeating Pakistan


  • National Kabaddi Championship-2018

      हैद्राबाद । प्रो कबड्डी आणि एशियन कबड्डी चॅम्पियनशिपनंतर चाहते ज्या स्पर्धेची वाट पाहत होते त्या ६५व्या राष्ट्रीय

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  • 44th Boys and Girls Kabaddi Selection

    ४४वी कुमार/कुमारी गट राज्य अजिंक्यपद निवड चाचणी कबड्डी स्पर्धा- २०१७.       महाराष्ट्र राज्य कबड्डी असो.च्या मान्यतेने सां

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  • National Boys and Girls Kabaddi Jharkhand-2017

      किशोर/किशोरी राष्ट्रीय कबड्डी स्पर्धा-झारखंड - २०१७.   महाराष्ट्राच्या मुलांचे दोन विजय! बाद फेरीतील प्रवेश निश्चित.    

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  • 29th State Selection Kabaddi -Alibaug=

     Mumbai Suburban and Kolhapur Win २९वी किशोर/ किशोरी राज्य अजिंक्यपद निवड चाचणी कबड्डी स्पर्धा - अलिबाग         मुं.उपनगर व कोल्हापूर अजिंक

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  • The Rising Star of Kabaddi

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  • Rising Star in Kabaddi

      Report in Maharashtra Times (by Shri Vinay Raul) dated 19 October 2017 (A translated version of report published in Marathi) Jyoti Shines   Not so favorable conditions at home does not cripple young Kabaddi  sensation Jyoti Dafale . Jyoti has immense skills which can’t be ignored. 

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  • 29th Boys State Kabaddi Championship Selection- From 23rd October

    २९वी किशोर गट राज्य अजिंक्यपद निवड चाचणी कबड्डी स्पर्धा २३ऑकटो. पासून.       महाराष्ट्र राज्य कबड्डी असो.च्या मान्यतेने, र

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  • Kabaddi Championships Thane

    Dil Scoop with Pankaj Athawale Mawli Mandal continue their dominance in Thane Kabbadi One of the very few schools in old Thane city with grounds to boast, is the Mawli Mandal School, Charai. They have worked hard over the years to protect this piece of open land and allow their school children to excel in vari

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