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Australian Open tennis:Djolovic loses to 21 year Chung 7-6  7-5  7-6 Roger Federer to face Tomas Berdych in quarter-final || Simona Halep, world number one, enters Australian Open Tennis quarterfinals||  India clinch Blind Cricket World Cup title after defeating Pakistan


  • Great day for Indian Sports! Viswanathan Anand wins World Rapid Chess Championship 2017.

    Unarguably one of the most prestigious rapid chess events of the year, World Rapid Chess Championship, 2017 took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Total 134 top chess minds from across the globe were participating in this event. With an average player rating of 2534, this event was a treat to watch for all chess lovers an

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  • Chess Special – Interview with Raghunandan Gokhale-

    chess- Interview with Dronacharya Award winner and his world  class students   Interview by Amar Godbole for sportsnasha    

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  • The Rising Star of Chess

    The Rising Star of Chess

    She was as mischievous as any other child of her age at 9. But unlike others, she got a unique punishment for her pranks — she would have to play chess with her father. Initially, the sessions that last for 20 minutes , gradually became longer. Well, the playful disciplinary action became the turning point in her lif

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  • Chess Championship- First Woman to win Nationals

      This Day in History (10-Oct-1978) – Rohini Khadilkar became the first woman to win the national chess championship Rohini Khadilkar is the youngest of the three Khadilkar sisters (Vasanti and Jayshree the other two) who ruled Indian Women’s chess championship for decades of 70s and 80s. Khadilar beca

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  • World Chess Championship updates by Aneesh

    आर्मेनियाचा लेव्हॉन एरोनियन आणि चीनचा डिंग लिरेन या दोघं ग्रॅण्डमास्टर्समध्ये सुरु असलेल्या फिडे जागतिक बुद्धिबळ अजि

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    PUBLISHED YESTERDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2017 ३ सप्टेंबरपासून जॉर्जिया देशाच्या टबाइलिसी या राजधानी शहरात सुरु झालेल्या फिडे जागतिक बुद्धिबळ अजिंक्

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    जॉर्जिया देशाची राजधानी टबाइलिसी येथे सुरु असलेली २०१७ ची फिडे बुद्धिबळ जागतिक अजिंक्यपद स्पर्धा आता उपांत्य फेरीत पोच

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  • Chess world championship report by Aneesh

    सध्या जागतिक बुद्धिबळ अजिंक्यपद स्पर्धा चालू आहे. दुसऱ्या फेरीअखेर विशी आनंद, मायकेल अॅडॅम्स ,बोरिस गेलफँड, सर्जेई कर्झ

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