World Cup 2019: Stats you need to know!

            Top 5 Run Getters- Rohit Sharma (IND)- 648 runs in 9 matches @81.00 David Warner (AUS)- 647 runs in 10 matches @71.86 Shakib-Al-Hasan (BAN)- 606 runs in 8 matches @86.57 Kane Williamson (NZ)- 578 runs in 10 matches @82.57 Joe Root (ENG)- 556 runs in 11 matches @61.77 _______________________________ Top 5 Wicket-Takers

Alvida MSD??? – By Harshad Nabar

So, has the day which MSD fans were dreading and detractors looking forward to, is finally upon us? Has one of Indian Cricket’s most charismatic kings finally decided to bid adieu to his remaining kingdom of limited overs Cricket (he is already retired from tests).??? Whether this decision will be

Adventure Sports Training

It's our immense pleasure to inform you the adventure activity of GGIM, named 'Aavhan',( A year long adventure oriented curriculum) has been started in *Jidnyasa* *Learning* *Centre* . Sachin Pethkar, Head of Jidyansa Learning Center and Senior Instructor of GGIM Vivek Shivde was there at the time of opening ceremony. It

Secrets of Success at young age-Swimming Star Siya Devrukhkar reveals

Siya Devrukhkar is a child prodigy and a swimming star on the horizon. Sportsnasha Spoke to her and she was immensely excited  talking about her about her coaching, hard work,  and career planning after winning a bronze at a recent National Swimming event. Ganesh her father, who is also a Mallkhamb

Health Talk With Dr.Asmita Sawe- Sources and Benefits of Vitamin D

 As we have now started talking about each nutrient and it’s benefits… Let’s understand how each nutrient affects your athletic performance. Now that we are talking about ‘Vitamins’ todays let’s understand ‘VitaminD’… Today listen to Dr. Asmita Sawe, homeopath & Nutritionist talk about “How VitaminD is important of our body? What symptoms can

England wins World Cup 2019 in what turned out to be one of the most iconic as well as Bizzare games of ODI Cricket

World Cup finals, Lords Ground-The Mecca of Cricket, the holiest place for a cricketer to play his game, sold out stadium, men in ties, hats and suits while women equally lissome in their conduct, one part of the ground filled with punters with microphones and thousands of people cheering outside