Over 14,000 runners from across 15 countries to take part in ‘Run to the Moon’ 

PRESS RELEASE: The initiative by IDBI Federal Life Insurance and NEB Sports raises Rs. 14 lakh so far for beleaguered coaches and sports support staff Mumbai, June 25, 2020: As many as 14,000 runners from across 15 countries have responded to IDBI Federal Life Insurance and NEB Sports’ call, lining up to take part in a unique run to raise funds for coaches and sports support staff in

Every sport needs a Sachin Tendulkar for India to become an Olympic power’

Mumbai, June 24: India needs a Sachin Tendulkar in every sport to achieve its dream of becoming an Olympic power, vice-president of Indian Olympic Association and president of Athletics Federation of India Adille Sumariwalla said here on Tuesday. Speaking about India’s chances at the Tokyo Olympics to mark the International Olympic Day

Azad Maidan Experience Must for Every Kid

"Today eat one banana and sleep' our cricket coach was telling us in a so called team meeting before a first match of Mumbai based inter school U14 Giles Shield of our school .My school PTVA was going to play against Ismail Yusuf High School in first ever match

Register for Sports Science Webinar

*Positive Physiotherapy* and *SportsNasha* are conducting a series of webinars exploring sports science - breaking some myths, taking to experts and sharing our experiences. We cordially invite you to join the discussions. We would love you to be a part of it and share your views. We request you to share the