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It’s not easy to be a respected sportsman other than cricket in a country where cricketers are treated like god and cricket  is a religion .
It’s not easy to find a job in country if you are state level champion but doesn’t have any other educational qualifications or right contacts.
It’s not easy nowadays to make young guys come out of the house and play on the ground.  Most of them  find sitting in airconditioned room playing mobile games  more interesting.
It’s also not easy to get your performance on sports field a deserving visibility in media if you are not a star player and moreover not a cricketer.

All these thoughts lingered around our mind and process of creating a website which could address these issues
started about a few years back with lot of discussions by me (Aju Deshpande ) with  close friend Rajesh Deo,  a creation of www.sportsnasha.com happened in month of May 2016.

Our online  innings had started with  a football tournament (Parle Premier League-PPL) at Vileparle Mumbai having about 70 teams and 100 matches we took a first  step . www.sportsnasha.com became online media partners for young organisor Siddarth  Sabapathy’s PPL . We updated scores on website of this popular league on the same day of the match and put photographs of young footballers and also took interview . Getting about 3000  plus hits on first day, our cause found unexpectedly high response from viewers. The first trial was a great success and  with minimum resources at our disposal.

Our team was  strengthened by kabaddi captain who is also  Shiv Chatrapati Award winner Mrs. Chhaya Pawar who  boosted our idea.

We are now fast becoming known to  sportsmen and other sports lovers. We are relentlessly helped and voluntarily assisted by  badminton player Milind Purnapatre and hardworking Suhas Bengeri.  Amar Godbole, Sunil Bobhate and Narayankar(web programmer) have done excellent job of new attractive and content driven website design and  development.

We are  happy that our website is being officially launched on auspicious day  9th October 2016  (Ashtami in Navratri) .
Our website posts will mainly be having  articles, interviews and  photographs which are quite exclusive and we will present to you various unknown and interesting aspects of various games through our website apart from news on sports.

We are  sure, you will appreciate the cause and purpose with which this website is launched.

Thank you creative Amruta Karandikar Kulkarni for nice logo. Our friends Vijay Sathaye, Leander Dias, Suren Ayre and other wellwishers and donors whose wholehearted support we can not forget.

We call it movement and not just a website or a publication. It is a movement of sportmen by sportsmen and for sportsmen.

Come join  our campaign “Hold rackets shun gadgets”

Aju Deshpande Rajesh Deo Chhaya Pawar

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