World TT Veterans -Mumbai players mint GOLD

Mumbai’s Yogesh, Ulhas , Mangala and Pinakin win Gold at World Veterans TT Championship.

 For the first time Indian TT players have succeeded in winning maximum medals at the recently concluded World veterans Table Tennis Championship at Muscat,Oman. In all, India has won 6 Gold, 10 Silver and 13 Bronze medals in this championship. Out of these six Gold medals, Mumbai players Yogesh Desai( Men’s Singles 70+) , Ulhas Shirke & Pinakin Sampat( Men’s Doubles 70+)  and Mangal Saraf ( Women’s Doubles 65+) partnering Rita Jain also from India, have bagged three Gold medals.


Mantu Murmu of India who won the other three Gold medals bagged triple crown for the first time winning Women’s 60+ singles, Women’s Doubles partnering Jette Viegfrom Denmark and Mixed Doubles partnering Vinay Chopra from India. The overall performance of Indian players who participated in a large number numbering around 300 in this competition was very good winning a total of 29 medals for our country.   


This tournament had attracted about 1600+ participants from 60 countries. Germany topped the medals tally with 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 23 Bronze medals, followed by India with 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 13 Bronze medals. Denmark with 6 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze , took the third place,followed by other big countries like Japan, USA, Finland, China, Iran, Sweden 2, Ukraine 2, Switzerland 2, Estonia 2, Norway 2, Korea 2, Latvia 2, Malaysia 1, Italy 1, Czech Rep. 1, Wales 1, Luxumberg 1, Singapore 1, Romania 1 and others.


The list of Silver medlalists from India is as follows: Prasunna Parekh( Women’s 45+ Singles), Shilpa Joshi ( Women’s 50+ Singles), Suhasini Bakre ( Women’s 60+ Singles), Rizwan Abu & Srivasta Kasturi ( Men’s Doubles 40+), Meenu Basak & Prasunna Parekh ( Women’s Doubles 45+), Pinakin Sampat & Itsuko Iseki from Japan( Mixed Doubles 70+).


The list of Bronze medal winners from India is as follows: Rizwan Abu ( Men’s Singles 40+), Moon Moon Mukherjee ( Women’s Singles 45+), Shruti Joshi and Anjana Rao ( Women’s Doubles 40+), Anjana Rao and Vinay Chandra ( Mixed Doubles 40+), Aishwarya Pai Bhat & Sadiya Vanjara ( Women’s Doubles 45+), Anagha Joshi and Shilpa Joshi ( Women’s Doubles 50+) Manish Rawat and Shilpa Joshi ( Mixed Doubles( Mixed Doubles 50+), Rajesh Mudam & Anil Rasam ( Men’s Doubles 60+), Suhasini Bakre and Neeta Kulkarni ( Women’s Doubles 60+), Rita Jain ( Women’s Singles 65+), Mangal Saraf ( Women’s Singles 65+), Arun Barhat & Indresh Purohit ( Men’s Doubles 75+). 

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