Chess is getting popular among kids

“A champion in any sport was once a beginner.” The game of Chess is no exception to this. No matter how skilled a player is, one can reach the pinnacle of success by working hard and learning new nuances of the game. This rule of the game was recently seen in a speed chess tournament organized in Vile Parle east, a suburban of Greater Mumbai.

RYP rapid chess tournament for children was orgnized buy First Move Chess Club at Prabodhankar Thackeray Sports Complex, Vile Parle East on Sunday 4th December 2022. It was conducted with great enthusiasm. It is held every year in the memory of hon. Dr. Ramesh Yashwant Prabhu, the founder of the Prabodhankar Thackeray Sports Complex.

Dronacharya award winning chess player and coach Raghunandan Gokhale and runner up award winner in senior citizen group, Maharashtra Shri bodybuilding Shree Ashok Shelar lit the lamp.
The match time for the rapid chess tournament was set up for 15 minutes + 3 seconds for the 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 15 years section. Total number of 7 rounds of were played in all age groups. Tournament received a great response of about three fifty children and their parents at the event. Some of the rounds were resulted in unexpected and shocking results. Some of the interesting matches were ended in draws which were expected either win or loss.
The competition was very tight and fierce especially in the age group of 7 and 15 years. Tiebreaker points were considered for selection of the first three places among the players with equal points in certain age groups. Mr. Vishwanath Madhav from Mumbai Chess Association was the Chief Arbiter.

FIDE rated player, an experienced coach, tournament organizer and founder of First Move Chess Club Mr. Amar Godbole and his assistant Shri. Tejas Bhuvad lead for the successful organization of the tournament. Mrs. Gauri Godbole and colleagues Rohit, Darsh, Yash, Sarita, Pratiksha, Anish volunteered for the competition.

It was the 15th chess tournament organized by the First Move Chess Club in Mumbai. Arvind Prabhu, the Hon. President of Prabodhankar Thackeray Sports Complex, Mr. Chaitanya Badhe, and Mumbai Chess Association shared a role for guidance and support for organizing the tournament.

Amar Godbole expressed that all RYP chess tournaments were held at Prabodhankar Thackeray Sports Complex in the loving memory of late Dr. Ramesh Prabhoo. He also mentioned that if we get a very good sponsor, we intend to organize an all india level FIDE rated chess tournament in Vile Parle in future.
Shri. Rajesh Dev & Mr. Shirish Deshpande, from Spotsnasha Organization were felicitated. Chaitrali Dedhia, specially able player was awarded a consolation medal for participating in the tournament.

Prizes were given to the winners by notable players Aneesh Date, Siddharth Sabhapati, Vishvesh Kochrekar. The first three winners of each age group were given cash prizes, medals and trophy. The 10 players coming after the first three winers were given prizes for consolation. All participating players were given certificates.

The final results of the tournament are as follows –
7 Years – Boys
1- Arjun Singh, 2 – Jash Shah, 3 – Aarav Sharma
7 Years – Girls
1- Amaya Roy, 2 – Ashvi Agarwal , 3 – Tvesha Jain

9 Years – Boys
1- Arjun Singh, 2 – Gaurang Bhandari, 3 – Samuel Mitchel
9 Years – Girls
1- Ashvi Agarwal, 2- Aadya Patil ,3 – Thea Wagle

10 Years – Boys
1- Devesh Madnani, 2 – Sanil Raiban , 3 – Gian Shah
10 Years – Girls
1- Mesha Parvez, 2 – Avani Govekar, 3-. Nishita Jaiswal

11 Years – Boys
1- Sharwin Badwe, 2 – Devesh Madnani , 3 – Hriday Maniyar
11 Years – Girls
1- Prisha Margaj, 2 – Maitreyi Bera , 3 – Swaranjali D

13 Years – Boys
1- Veer Bopardikar, 2- Arnav Dabhade, 3- Arya Bagayatkar
13 Years – Girls
1- Shreya Iyer, 2 -. Tanishi Agarwal, 3 – Ku. Pallavi Day

15 Years – Boys
1- Shreyansh Somaiya, 2- Arnav Dabhade, 3 – Karnav Rastogi
15 Years – Girls
1- Namom Padhi, 2 – Pallavi Dey, 3 – Janhavi Gadade

@Mr. Aneesh Date,
Sunday, 4 th December 2022

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