Arjun Tendulkar-Media Should leave him alone

Oh you TRP hungry media…Leave Alone Arjun…
“This boy is going to be biggest cricketer ” My teammate Kiran told me . We were practicing for our bank at Shivaji Park and we saw two kids jogging at Shivaji Park.
The kids… Sachin and Vinod used to run 12 rounds of Shivaji Park.We used to get exhausted after one round and would make it look like marathon.
It was in 1985 may be…..
The words of my teammate were not just one of those as it turned out to be…..
Sachin and Vinod not only played for Mumbai but quickly became topmost sensational pair of boys who made waves at international level at a tender age, when most kids would not play beyond Azad and Cross Maidan these kids easily hit the balls out of ground at Eden Garden and Wankhede.
Both had potential to become GOD but Vinod faded away due to reasons known to all .
Sachin kept climbing Everest and ultimately conquered the highest peak .
“This boy would be Richards and break all records ” Famous coach Vasu Paranjpe had predicted .
It’s not about all these predictions. It’s about a boy taking pressures of expectations from age of 12 and still becoming successful.
Burden of expectations can finish human beings but not the super humans.
I think Sunil Gavaskar had created similar expectations after first series 774 runs against West Indies and showed signs of pressures in next 3 series where he failed to score big.Correct me friends if I am wrong.
But Sachin never looked overawed by media glare. Sachins are not born every now and then, they come once in hundred years.
Sachin had scored hundred on debut in Ranji and now his son Arjun has repeated the feat.
The media is making a big halla gulla about it.
I am sure Sachin is not liking the media over publicity or extra artificial enthusiasm for the hundred Arjun scored today.
Sachin knows how unpredictable cricket is perhaps more fragile than a small/medium cap share price.
Sachin knows how difficult is to climb the ladder in cricket. He knows cricket is a snake and ladder game where snakes rule.
Arjun must be appreciated but be left alone.
I think Sachin must have realized the lesser the publicity to Arjun the better otherwise even achieving the height of Sahyadri would remain a dream for young even if talented…. leave alone climbing Everest.
All the best to young Arjun but Sachin needs to mentor him like Krishna. Sooner the better….
Aju Deshpande
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