Third winless game for MCFC-ISL updates

Third winless game for MCFC-

Fans were miffed, they wanted a win, and Odisha FC seemed like the perfect opponents for it. MCFC had slown down due to a 3-0 loss to Kerala Blasters and a 3-3 draw due to a Deshorn Brown hattrick versus NorthEast United FC. Odisha FC themselves were on a 4 game winless streak. MCFC had scored 20 goals in this ISL edition, the most, while Odisha had CONCEDED the most(20).


  • MCFC had lined up with their regular 4231 except Vignesh Dakshinamurthy was playing Left Back. We also formed a back 2 during possession during buildup from behind instead of a back 3 before.
  • Odisha FC played a “mid pressing” 442. The forwards pressed strong and if they couldn’t recover, they allowed MCFC till their half.

Events in the match-

  • Aridai Cabrera dribbled past Ranawade and Fall beautifully to shoot it. It teased Nawaz’s fingers and went in. 1-0 in the 3rd minute! First time MCFC conceded in the first 15 minutes!
  • The game looked like it’d be a high scoring one from the get go.
  • Odisha showed excellent chemistry, but Mumbai City also were knocking on their doors long, and finally it worked!
  • Cassio passed to Ranawade who passed it to Jahouh who curled it from outside the box!! 1-1 !
  • Cassio’s no. 7 looked like a misnumber since he looked like a true 10! He looked very active in this game. Taking the ball, dribbling, and distributing it.
  • Now the Islanders seemed to be on the front foot as Jahouh’s freekicks and other assortment of miscellaneous combinations of Des’s fluid attack threatened the Kalingans.
  • On the left wing, Bipin and Antonay had GREAT clashes.
  • Vignesh was back from injury and had a stellar performance. He is a more offensive version of Mandar Rao Dessai.
  • It was the 37th minute, half time was nearing as Thoiba pulled Cassio. Jahouh took a deep breath. He’s an FK veteran and he didn’t disappoint, as his ball was hit by Angulo into the net!! 2-1!!!
  • 6th Jahouh Freekick assist. MCFC the only team to have double digits in non set piece goals(12) and set piece goals(10).
  • It was the 67th minute as Jahouh took a freekick. Newly subbed-in Ygor Catatau scored a BEAUTIFUL header, but it was ruled off as offside, though it didn’t look so….still 2-1!
  • If it were 3-1, the game would’ve ended!
  • Odisha FC countered at alightning pace before MCFC could react. Left Mid Nandha dribbled Ranawade to cross the ball in. Newly subbed-in Mandar Rao Dessai failed to stop the pinpoint accurate pass, which was headed by RM Jerry, the most diminutive player on the pitch. 2-2!
  • Suddenly, the tables had turned. OFC were on the front foot. Mumbai tried long balls to score, desperate and surprised by the sudden equalizer. They’d come for 3 points and had no intentions of sharing.
  • 76’ , Nandha again ran on OUR right flank, passed the ball inward to a midfielder. The midfielder passed the ball to Jonathas(ex Eredivisie, Bundesliga, Serie A, Brasil league, La Liga player) who gave it to Jerry for him to bang it past a flabbergasted Nawaz.
  • 3-2!! Mumbai, yet again looked scared, but had hopes for an equalizer. Also, they weren’t pathetic, but many of their attacks were thwarted by the Kalingans’ defense and talented GK Kamaljeet Singh!
  • Catatau was frustrated and reckless, causing unnecessary fouls and a yellow.
  • Mandar Rao Dessai indirectly was the cause of our downfall as he was repeatedly dribbled past by Jerry. Jerry did the same in the 89th minute and crossed it for Jonathas to tap the ball in. 4-2!!!!
  • Mumbai couldn’t do anything effective even in the last 5 minutes of stoppage time, as we were stopped by Odisha!


  • No ISL team is invincible in the ISL. The top 7 teams have a difference of ONLY 3 points.
  • We can’t pinpoint the reason of our slump, but Mumbai, according tome still aren’t pathetic like Barca or Man. United. Its seems to me a bad run of form, coupled with bad luck and defensive irresponsibility.
  • A 442 seems tough for us to break as majority of our goals versus such teams come from set-pieces and concessions from counters. Best examples being versus Chennaiyin, Hyderabad, Kerala Blasters and Odisha FC
  • They catch our defenders sleeping and score. Our defenders are good at playing WITH the ball and at scoring.Even our wing-backs are offensive, along with CDMs who focus more on on-the-ball movement, passing, possession. Yet it’s the speedy, Mourinho-esque Anti-football which can stop us.
  • We’re top of the table and will 99% qualify for the top 4 ISL trophy, but we need to be careful now!
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