Jamshedpur kaa Dhan-baad:-ISL Updates

Jamshedpur kaa Dhan-baad:


Jamshedpur FC, also called the Red Miners, had been unbeaten in the ISL before this halfway fixture in Fatorda. They seemed tough, with their long ball style of play under ex-Bolton coach Owen Coyle. Sadly, this roller coaster ride would lead to them conceding 4 goals AND 3 points to the current champions of India.

Analysing the opponents-

  • Mumbai City played their regular 4231 with Raynier on the right.
  • Jamshedpur played their regular 442. Ishan Pandita, India’s budding super sub started. This was surprising considering the fact that JFC play long and physical, and he’s a diminutive technical forward.
  • Jamshedpur like to play what’s called a Long Ball style of gameplay. It’s like the British style of play, displayed by the likes of Burnley FC. They have strong, physical overpowering defenders and midfielders. Another requirement is hardworking forwards good in the air, which led to surprise viewers about the fact that 6 ft 1 inch Valskis started on the bench!
  • The defenders generally play long to free wingers, who are generally free due to an overload on the opposite side. These wingers like Komal Thatal like to dribble and then cross for their aerially threatening players like strikers or defender Eli Sabia can score. Another way to progress the ball is to pass to the strikers from defence. The strikers launch themselves into the air and head the ball to midfielders or more often the wings. The midfielders mainly have the job of running, marking or pressing.
  • Despite being renowned for being untechnical, defensive, JFC’s 442 pressed EXTREMELY high up the pitch with a renowned bout of energy after half time!
  • Both their goals came from haphazard situations like a hurried freekick and an opponent error due to being flooded.


  • The match began with an early goal in the 3rd minute, as Jahouh from the corner passed to Cassio Gabriel, and the Brazilian shot it towards the goal. The ball was millimetres away from Angulo’s head, but the GK expected Angulo to make it and hence didn’t expect the ball to go in directly. Another early goal for MCFC.
  • It was the 16th minute, and Apuia gave a defense breaking through ball to Cassio. Cassio ran but was blocked by 189 cm defender. Cassio managed to steal the ball near the opponent goal line, to pass the ball to Bipin who ran to tap the ball in, and double the lead. 2-0!
  • Jahouh was seen pressing tactfully, snatching the ball off opponents as Apuia dropped deep to collect the ball when in possession.
  • Raynier snatched the ball at 24’ to give it to Right Back Ranawade who ran and passed it to Angulo in the box. Angulo attentively received the ball with a delicate backheel, not expected by his marker behind him. That left his marker behind for him to shoot with his left foot. 3-0!!!!
  • MCFC were running riot! In 4 out of 5 games now, they had scored 3 or more goals. Also Angulo, ISL top scorer ad 5 for his name in 5 games!
  • MCFC were also great with their defence which looked like a 442, as Raynier and Bipin tracked back. Cassio was having the game of his life as Mumbai’s win seemed certain. Since last season’s start, 25/54 goals were from setpieces
  • JFC seemed shaken, making silly errors and not confident. They had conceded 3 goals for the first time in one half in the ISL.
  • After Half time, everyone though the game would die down with final score being 3-0 or similar.
  • Fortunately, fans got to see a really intimidating attempt for a comeback by JFC.
  • The Men of Steel showed their mettle first after a Jahouh freekick was defended and JFC showed their counter. Boris Singhà StewartàThatal, and a worldie goal from the edge of a box! 3-1!
  • Suddenly, it seemed as if Coyle had given them a piece of his mind in the dressing room. JFC were pressing more, pressing aggressively, fighting hard for the ball. No more were they the lackadaisical JFC in the first half.
  • Fortunes favoured the brave as Jamshedpur’s midfielder took a quick freekick, giving it to RM Dingliana. He crossed, and the cross was obstructed by our defender Bheke. The ball was going towards the goal as Nawaz blocked it. Sadly, Pandita hit the ball. The ball hit the post and went to their defender Sabia who headed it in the air. 3-2!!!
  • A comeback seemed not just imminent but impossible.
  • That’s when Jahouh’s eagle eye came to use. Jamshedpur were pressing high near the 70th minute, as Jahouh saw Ygor Catatau (subbed in for Angulo) near the JFC box. Catatau ran in, defended the ball by shielding from the JFC defender and blasted it into the top of the net. 4-2!!!!
  • We killed the game and gave JFC a taste of their own medicine with the long ball.


  • Jamshedpur as usual were excellent in this game, and spirit is the least you can expect from them. They run a lot, jump a lot and never seem docile, whatever maybe the possession percentage.
  • Gabriel played Jamshedpur like a Cassio!
  • You can’t make a mountain fall, but you can make Fall a mountain. Our Captain CB Fall left no complaints in the aerial aspect, especially towards the end of the game when JFC were threatening.
  • Half the games are over and MCFC seem like they’re the obvious frontrunners and team to beat to win the ISL shield for topping the table!!

By Omkar Barve

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