Win-Ayee-In versus Chennaiyin-ISL Updates

Win-Ayee-In versus Chennaiyin-

The Islanders had to face the Marina Machans from Madras on the 15th of December, in the PJN Stadium, Fatorda. Chennaiyin, just like MCFC’s previous fixture Jamshedpur FC had been unbeaten in this season of ISL. Chennaiyin FC are two time winners- 2015 and 2018!

The game kicked off at 7:30!

Formations and Tactics-

  • Mumbai’s coach from Oxford city, Des Buckingham lined up with his regular and highly successful 4-2-3-1! Raynier and Bipin were flexible ingers, often switching wings. We could also see them forming a 3-man defense mechanism this time as either CDM dropped beside the midfielders OR between, while the other between spaces to support, as MCFC wingbacks were far ahead!


  • Chennaiyin’s manager, Bodizar Bandovic played a 4-1-4-1. VERY Defensive, an antithesis to MCFC’s high pressing, possession heavy style. This 4-1-4-1 looked more like a 5-4-1, CDM dropping in. Google also showed a 5-3-2, as Chhangte was ahead sometimes instead of being a Right Winger. CFC’s stellar Anirudh Thapa, the star player was always going to be a threat, along with Chhangte. Chhangte is a great dribbler and holds the record of scoring 20 goals in the ISL, most by an ISL midfielder!


Important events-

  • Chhangte missed a crucial volley in the beginning.
  • Mumbai started their high tempo, high up the pitch engine. Yet, they couldn’t find a chink in the Machans’ armour. Finally Mumbai City had 70% possession, but struggled against their rock hard defense.
  • CFC’s number 2, Raegan had beautiful bouts of dances versus Bipin Singh, as he managed to keep Bipin quiet and prevent a hail of assists into the box which Bipin normally provides. But again, Bipin was doing his bit defensively.
  • Also, trying to cross was wrong by Bipin since MCFC had a numerical disadvantage of 2 versus 4 inside the box.
  • All the top 5 players with most touches were of MCFC!
  • CFC weren’t clinical or threatening BUT also not weak or easy to break. They were unwilling to pass inside the MCFC half and were inviting them to their own half.
  • HALF TIME as it is the FIRST MCFC ISL 2021/22 with zero goal by them!
  • 46’- MCFC cross was snatched by Jerry. Jerry crossed, the ball went between Fall’s legs BUT striker Lucas mishandled the ball and shot in desperation, but Nawaz saved the ball. That one left Nawaz sweating as he became MCFC saviour, making many great saves.
  • Rahul Bheke, CB, was having the game of his life. Putting his head in for aggressive aerial battles. He also had a humongous throw, amassing half the pitch horizontally sadly landed before Bipin and bounced over him!
  • CFC keeper Vishal Kaith had to be on his feet. He saved a Cassio knuckleball. Later, he saved a shot by Jahouh and also the answer to the deflection by Apuia.
  • It was the 85th minute as Jahouh was fouled. He stepped up to take the freekick, some yard ahead of the half line in CFC’s half.
  • And he curled the ball in, for it to be headed by Bheke towards the goal, going from beside GK Kaith, as Kaith was approaching to cover Bheke(he must’ve felt helpless)! FINALLY A GOAAAAL!!!
  • All 5 of Jahouh’s assists have been from set pieces.
  • CFC CDM tried a long shot from a drop ball, far from the goal. It scared Nawaz totally, but luckily didn’t go in.


  • MCFC’s most nerve-wracking and difficult game by far, but we pulled through. People call Rahul Bheke, “Lord Bheke” sarcastically due to his national team errors, but he showed us how good he can be, by being calm, composed, and mainly reliable!
  • CFC, although not exciting in their style showed us they can snatch points away from any team if they want to!
  • Feature image is symbolic only.

by Omkar Barve

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