Ravi Shastri era as coach is over …What next?

Retired Coach Ravi could now  become ….

Now that Ravi Shastri era is over many interviews by coach Ravi are suddenly on air. 
Few instantthoughts on his career and his interviews on various TV channels.
Like RS (Ravi Shastri) has played his second innings as coach very  well within his limits as good as he played his first one as a cticketer.
Like no one would agree what he said that he has created  and inherited for David a great team and now just coach  David has to raise bar . As since 1971 double wins, all the Indian teams have been more or less great only and the stature of the  players playing for a India  as big as today (not financially though).
Like RS has claimed that his victory percentage is 70 and so outstanding . This logic would have few takers as  most importantly his international tournament winning percentage is almost zero and that’s the catch (which he missed)
Like winning just bilateral matches is not of any great value. Like in any exam if you score in other ancillary subjects but not in major ones it’s not worth showing the marksheet to others.
Like biggest achievement of RS must be his guiding young team sans Virat to victory in Australia  and more unwanted   one (of making a statement of publicity) that he gave credit of same to Virat though team was led by Rahane.
Like RS has been able to take all the pressures and displayed  fighting spirit required to compete at international cricket as also   the skill  required for  winning  a cold war with Dada.
Like RS has always ensured he has good relationship with right people at right positions and it is his quality which was visible when he maintained best relations  with all his  captains   from Gavaskar to Kapil and power centres  from BCCI to Media
Like it is not surprising that RS now plans to coach IPL team but has also spoken about working for grassroots cricket is quite  astonishing.
Like Dravid has not only all the qualities of RS but also much more to be coach of Indian Cricket team but may need the luck of RS perhaps to succeed .
Like RS has boasted that current Indian team is a big brand like Brazil football team but forgot to mention  that the  brands like Brazil football have many world cup/major tournament  wins .
And finally….. RS definitely has something extra in him that keeps him in  limelight and that extra would keep him in media glare always whether he is coach or commentator . Though would like him to listen to hin as  a  motivational speaker and  everyone will agree he would be the ultimate as one .


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