Shree Parleshwar gymkhana boys make headlines with 15 medals in National Mallakhamb competition.

Shree Parleshwar gymkhana boys won 15 medals at National Mallakhamb competition.

Eight boys participated in National Competition held at Ujjain Madhya Pradesh and won 15 medals for Maharashtra.

This was possible with the hardwork of coach Ganesh Devrukhkar , Players and Parents as well .
After Covid Pandemic this was the first competition where 13 players were selected.

4 competitions were held at 4 different locations , players showed their skills with minimum practice.

8 players were selected for national level . The 8 players bagged 7 individual medals and 8 medals for team .
Players have made their coach and parents proud with such an outstanding performance.

Tanshree Jadhav won a gold medal in the under-14 girls category, a silver medal in the rope wrestling event and a silver medal in the individual event as well as a total of four team gold medals.

Rishabh Ghubade won a total of three medals, including a bronze medal in the under-18 category, a bronze medal in the rope category and a team silver medal.

Soham Shivgan has also won a bronze medal in the under-14 individual category as well as a team bronze medal.

Adi Waingankar also won an individual bronze medal in the under-14 category and a bronze medal in the team event.

Akshay Taral won a team gold medal in the open category.
Similarly, Sanvi Desai and Shivangi Pai bagged gold medals in the under-12 category.

This performance was possible because of the team of coaches like Shri Mahesh Athale Sir, the mentor of Shri Parleshwar Gymkhana and Ganesh Devrukhkar, Isha Devrukhkar and Avinash More who have helped players make headlines at Ujjain event.

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