My friends from North stand and East stand ..Keep clapping…Your piece of cake will be served , when nobody knows!

“This is the dressing room of Indian cricket team and this is where all big  players sit” We were lucky to have been part of a cricket heritage tour organised by  Mr Theo Breganza ,   Marcus Cauto and team   in 2016.
It was amazing experience going on seeing the  specially historical cricket places in Mumbai like Wankhede Stadium, CCI (Brabourne Stadium)  and Shivaji Park etc with former Indian cricketer Mr.Yajurvindra Singh accompanying us all through and telling unheard stories. 
We were lucky to have glimpses of greats of Mumbai cricket  Mr.Madhav Apte , Mr. Nari Contractor , Mr.Amol Muzumdar , Mr. Milind Rege , Mr. Jayantilal, and also press club  meeting with famous analysits  Harsha Bhogle and Ayaz Memon.
 Heritage Tour for us  was  as precious as a space tour might have been  for Telsa owner Elon Musk.
Why this memory of 2016 relived now? 
Just for one reason… Yesterday I saw legends of Mumbai cricket being honored with a special box and a stand name.
Sunny and Dilip were deserving definitely more than anyone else.
And now we have allmost all stands of Wankhede named after greats of Mumbai cricket..Kudos to MCA for that at the same time I am worried about new generation greats because no stands are left now for them perhaps.
But I am slightly disappointed…
Not because greats are given their due…But a small piece of cake for fans would have made an occasion more special for not just me but millions of crazy guys  who have been  buying  tickets for years after years sitting  in scorching Sun watching a match forgetting the food , water and even the  nature’s calls .
All the wealth and prosperity what we see in cricket is because of passionate fans and no one… mind well…
Question is what has been done for these fans in about 50 years  of cricket? Can any one enlighten me on this? Or only big stars matter . No one else…
In countries like Australia and England fans get opportunity to visit the stadiums and peep inside dressing rooms of greats…See grounds from close distance….how scoreboards are maintained ..Memorable photo galaries inside stadium…And with a proper guide to tell…And that too with lot of respect given as a fan who is part of the tour.
Either Lords or Melbourne , we  fans after paying a small fee can enjoy two hours of fascinating past journey of our favorite sport…
Why these stadiums in India are not opened for small tours for fans so that a common man can get glimpses of historical moments of sport they love so blindly, even skipping their daily work and sometime bread and butter…And yes this could generate some revenue for association which could be used for bettering facilities at stadium or even lowering ticket rates.
Will Board have a policy on this …If not Board , MCA which is supposed to be one of the well (I won’t say best)  administered association could take an initiative and open these stadiums for genuine lovers for small tours .
Or ….these poorly treated  fans have to see the cricket year after year sitting in stands and buying a sandwich and a mineral water at exhorbitant price and return home sitting on a fourth seat of  a local trains’  second class compartment…But still keep on loving the cricketers selflessly.
The Saheb who started game for rich rulers those days is now thinking of common man or (fan)  on street. But a common man who became rich by playing cricket in our country or being earning money as an organization is making it a  look like rich man’s privilege.

I am sad but helpless..
By the way,  thanks a lot  passionate cricket lovers Theo and Marcus for giving us an unforgettable memory .
Aju DeshpandeA sportsnasha exclusive

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