Test Cricket is still alive!

How does one go about writing the perfect story? What makes an intense thriller novel a bestseller?What makes a movie special? The Script, the Plot Twists, the Protagonists. The Direction. As a viewer you feel fortunate if you get to read such a novel or watch such a movie with most of these things done well. But fiction is fiction. Fantasy is Fantasy. It’s all a mirage in the end. 
What if we told you that real life can throw up such scripts, plots and actors as well. A bunch of players who can do the impossible. A bunch of players who can turnaround a match in a matter of hours. A Team which never bows down in the face of adversity. A Team which fights shoulder to shoulder for each other. Yes, this is the new team India!!  In a matter of less than 10 months Team India has now conquered MCG, The Gabba and Lords against all odds.
After the previous night thriller where West Indies beat Pakistan by the barest of margins in the 1st Test, the world witnessed India pull off the most unlikely of Wins at Lords by bowling out England in less than 60 overs on the last day. Yes, Test Cricket – The Pinnacle Event of our beloved game is Truly Alive!! The Game Of Life – Cricket !!
A Day which started with India in no position to hold fort and looking for scraps to just avoid defeat was swung on its head when the English Captain and his Pack of Fast Bowlers let emotions get the better of them and lost the tactical battle against one man – Jasprit Bumrah. His Barrage of Bouncers against Anderson on Day 3 somehow convinced them to use intimidatory tactics against him rather than get him out and the plan backfired. Bumrah and Shami held fort and gave back a counter puch like never before and had England down on their knees in a matter of 2 hours. An unbelievable 9th wicket unbeaten partnership of 89 runs giving India an unassailable lead and setting a target far out of sight for the English. 
As if their performance with the bat wasn’t enough, the Indian Pace Quartet Jasprit Bumrah Ishant Sharma Mohammad Shami and the mighty impressive Mohammed Siraj complimented each other brilliantly again to knock over England in 50 odd overs on a pitch which didn’t have much to offer.
The Cracks in the English Batting Line Up have been ruthlessly exposed. Massive Shoutout to the Entire Team and a Ferocious, Passionate Leader at the Helm, Virat Kohli. The Aggression and Desire to win was there for all to see. This Team will not back down. This Team will not give up ever.  
These ‘Kings’ know how to hunt together and they have now tasted blood!! Bring on the next test!! Waiting eagerly for Leeds and Sportsnasha wishes our Lads the very best for the entire series!! 
Post Scriptum – A message for World Cricket in KL Rahuls Words – ‘If you come after one of us, All eleven will come after you’Mic Drop!!Goosebumps!!

By Paramdeep


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