Deep Root ! Inevitable imperfections that come along the way can go to hell…

Deep Root ! Inevitable imperfections that come along the way can go to hell!!!
India vs England Test Match – Day 3 was a story of a gem from Yorkshire and a bustling fast bowler from Hyderabad, who showed that he belongs to this grand stage.
On the tube, I was reading the novel, ” The subtle Art of not giving a F***. In that book, Mark Manson talks about focusing on the controlleables.  All the inevitable imperfections that come along the way can go to hell. I am not sure whether Joe has read the book but his batting resonated a few chapters from that.
He is a captain, who has been asked to walk through the fire. A shaky top-order that he needs to shield every game, their heartbeat suffering well-being issues, their spearhead ruled out for the season, players rotated like musical chairs. Yet, this guy has passed every litmus test thrown at him with flying colors. Amidst the chaos around him, he has echoed Manson’s formula, giving a F*** about only thing that matters, being a rock at Number four as England’s best batsman.
He is battling like a monk who is on a journey towards single-mindedness, climbing one pinnacle after another. Subconsciously, he knows, without him the ship will probably sink. He has redefined the traditional V of the game, nudging balls behind square on the offside with surgeon’s precision. The beat of Root’s bat is like music to your ears, and it flows serenely to symbolize a river.
This masterpiece from Joe Root has put him in the number 2 spot in the bracket of England’s legends and remarkably only the second English batsman to boast an average of 50 post the second world war. To add to his scintillating returns in 2021, he has skittered past Graham Gooch and scaled the 9K mountain. Any kids that are playing the game, this was a Test match master class of how to build an innings.
This was a week for the purists like me who love Test cricket to the core. I can just take a picture of some those square drives and cover drives from Root frame it on my wall.
It was a privilege to witness such a grand knock from a packed and enraptured Edrich stand. Lords buzz is definitely back with full vigor and as one gentleman who was sitting right besides me aptly pointed out, “That’s why we love Test cricket. We are into Day 4 and we still don’t know the direction where this Test match is heading.”
As the question of R Ashwin’s exclusion rear its head, we are in for a classic and this match has all the ingredients of a blockbuster finish.
By PDelite
Feature image by Shrinivas Prabhudesai
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