Mancini reinvents Italian wheel

The ruthless nature of football is such that one moment, it can take you to the summit and other it can make you fall off a cliff.

Morata must be feeling the brunt of the fragile nature of this sport. He was the messiah for his country when he brought them to parity, but he quickly turned into a villain when his feeble spot-kick cost his side a place in the final.

Such is the brutality of this sport that, even though the match ended in a draw, there were contrasting emotions of joy and despair on the pitch. Spain must be cursing their fate to end up on the wrong side of a breathless and electric contest, but they have got only themselves to blame.

Even though they continuously knocked on the Italian door, their profligacy in front of goal ultimately got them a ticket to the flight back home. On the other hand, Italy deserved the fortune they got by being plucky, resilient and also un-Italian in many ways.

Before the tournament, if someone would have told me that Italy is currently one of the exciting teams in world football, I would have labelled him eccentric.

By conventional wisdom, Italy against Spain is often categorized as the clash of styles, but Roberto Mancini has brushed aside this stale and old methods, and energized this team with a carefree attitude not seen previously. It is not a team of superstars but have certainly played some exceptional and enterprising football throughout this tournament.

Veratti and Jorginho have been the linchpin of this reinvented version. One is a flamboyant playmaker for whom making simple unimaginative passes is a personal humiliation, and the other is an unassuming character, who has a calm head on a mature shoulder, and hoovers up loose balls like a hawk.

As usual, Bonucci and Chielleni are the steely roof that guards this Italian house.The ignominy of not qualifying for the 2018 world cup played a huge part in the turnaround and Mancini has been the lead protagonist.Of all the managers in this tournament, Mancini seems to have the most zen temperament, persona not eye-catching but very effective, mind a medley of instinct and intelligence. He often goes about his business like a computer optimizing its own algorithm.

With history now within touching distance, England|Denmark will have a huge say in it, Mancini can certainly pat himself on the back for reinventing the Italian wheel from prosaic, bland brand of football to a more tactically sophisticated possession- based version.

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