Is Djokovic invincible?

The essence of sport is that it symbolizes two contrasting sides of the same coin: success and failure and mirrors two contrasting emotions: despair and joy. Yesterday’s Wimbedon final was an accurate reflection of that. Djokovic consolidated his position amongst the pantheon of greats, as first amongst equals. He is currently playing in a zone way beyond the realms of imagination, his stature as an athlete is no longer within the gravitational pull of the nature. He has created such an aura of himself, and is such a psychological force that the opponent is defeated mentally before even the match begins. Berretini tried to stay on his feet, but Djokovic was ruthless, passing every litmus test thrown at him with flying colors.
The Djokovic engine has gathered new steam which doesn’t seem like relenting anytime soon. Rod Laver’s record of calendar slam, which is within his sight, will only give it further fuel. The only thing that can stop this bulletproof juggernaut from racing ahead of 20 slams, are the demons within his own mind. For the moment, given the imperious nature of his form, even a thought of defeating him in a Grand Slam looks far-fetched. The grass certainly would have tasted six times sweeter for the twenty-time grand slam behemoth.

By PDelite

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