WTC Final and a Victory for Test Cricket !

New Zealand proved that test match demands many qualities that money can’t buy: mental fortitude, determination, intelligence.

A sense of poetic justice perhaps after the dagger of the boundary count crushed the souls of many in New Zealand. Maybe the ruthless Gods of 2019 might have melted at the demeanor, and unflappable attitude of Williamson and his band.

Fittingly, the man who got the winning runs was the veteran and great servant of New Zealand cricket, Ross Taylor, a understated legend, whose name, unfortunately, is not taken in the same breath as some of our elite players and is someone who goes under the radar.

The David vs Goliath tale is immortal, David was never the underdog afterall, was he?This is New Zealand cricket’s moment in the sun, and symbolically, on the sixth day sun was smiling on them after the first five days were besieged by dark clouds and rain. As an Test cricket romantic, it hurts not to see Virat with the mace, but at the same time delighted for New Zealand for once again punching above their weight to beat the heavyweights, and I am sure now that New Zealand have broken the barrier, Martin Crowe’s soul would be at peace in heaven. For India, a good wake-up call and time to head back to the drawing board, as England awaits for another riveting series. Round of applause for the World Test Championship, still flawed in it’s current conception, but produced a gem of a final.

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