Suhas’s passion for sports was unmatched !- Tribute to a genuine sports lover !

“Middlesex has beaten Essex by 5 wickets ” He was the only one among my many cricket loving friends in era of 1980, who would stop me on road and give updates on English county cricket scores. Better word than passion could only describe our friend Suhas Bengeri aptly . Suhas who left all of us one year back is being remembered by us in current situation of pandemic which has affected sports in a big way . His enthusiasm and efforts could have made the task of our project Support Sportspersons in Covid crisis more easy.
We used to discuss cricket at all levels with Suhas for hours before he was employed with Reliance Industries. Even after he got busy with his job he never lost interest in cricket and kept on discussing  with us with an in-depth  analysis of every  cricket match, be it Ranji Trophy,  Test Cricket or even  inter corporates  Times Shield tournament.
When we decided to launch our grassroots sports promoting  website ( Suhas was quite excited and helped a lot by way of writing blogs and being present at our all sporting events with active participation from the bottom of his  heart without expecting anything in return.
Suhas would accompany us for meeting young players and even the people who wanted to help sportsnasha. Sportsnasha in recognition of his efforts had felicitated him at a launch of website function.( see image)
Suhas was passionate about everything related to sports , not just cricket- tracking scores, news, helping budding sportspersons, organizing and facilitating tournaments at the grassroot level and always hustling to do the best for the community.
He was involved in multiple sports projects in Vile Parle over the years, foremost of which was Parle Mahotsav.
Suhas’ son Soumitra Bengeri is equally passionate about sports and conveyed his desire recently to support our cause. He desired of  helping  in our project for financial support for sportspersons and sports staff who were economically weak. He spontaneously gave a cheque of Rs.11,000/- for the project in memory of his father Suhas Bengeri .
Suhas Bengeri is not with us today but his enthusiasm  was contagious and selfless attitude a rare virtue . We once again pay tribute to him for his service to promote sports especially at grassroots level.
Genuine efforts for any noble cause are always immortal and keep inspiring generations. Today’s sports has become quite a commercial proposition but rare persons  like Suhas Bengeri are still  a hope to  ensure soul in sports does not vanish.
Feature Image – Suhas felicitation at Sportsnasha event
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