Now is Djokovic favourite to conquer French open title?

Djokovic and Nadal have redefined the term greatness. It was a masterclass yesterday, a boxing match in a tennis court where two pugilists just refused to give in throwing punches at each other, creating every possible angles geometry allows us to, producing numerous jaw-dropping moments.

Every game was like a mini-roller coaster ride keeping the crowd at the edge of their seats, so much so that even the French government had to exceptionally lift the night curfew.

In the end Djokovics’ belief, poise and composure was able to breach the Nadal fortress by papering his back-hand with every given opportunity, along the way withstanding relentless pressure from the thirteen-time champion.

Currently, the rivalry between Nadal and Djokovic stands above any other event, they are the yin and yang of tennis, feeding of each other to take their sport to a level, unimaginable. French open will embrace a new champion this Sunday and even the trophy would feel a bit awkward as for a change the name Nadal won’t be imprinted on it.

Djokovic will start favorites against Tsitsipas, but Tsitsipas is no mug with the tennis racquet, he has his own quiet arrogance about him, and Djokovic would be well aware that the final won’t be served to him on the platter. Mentally, how much the Nadal game has taken out of Djokovic remains to be seen, as we come to the climax of this great thriller.


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