Chelsea’s moment in the sun!

There is always something special about these Champions League nights, hardly ever it goes according to the script. Manchester City were tipped as slight favorites but Chelsea popped out to spoil their party in what would have been a dream season for Pep and his band.

The match certainly lived up to the expectations, and I never thought I would say this, but Pep got outwitted tactically by the young german manager. Hindsight is always a beautiful thing, but maybe when Pep gets a chance to reflect, he might rue the decision to put Fernandinho on the bench. Tuchel also deserves a fair bit of credit for messing up City’s plans and putting a seed of doubt in City’s heads by being resolute and compact in defense. Having a well-oiled machine like Kante certainly helps, he was everywhere on the pitch today.

We also shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Lampard laid the groundwork for this win, players that he bought in the transfer market made a difference in the end. Today was Chelsea’s moment in the sun, but be rest assured that Pep would be plotting another shot at the Holy Grail next season. Euros will be a good icing to the cake after what has been a fantastic buffet of European Football. Congratulations Chelsea on the second European title, must say they have the pieces in place to mount a title challenge next season.

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