How Virat and Rohit had Patch Up- A Satirical Article

In my dreams ….

I had lost my sleep ever since Rohit and Virat had been fighting over some unknown issues. So yesterday finally I decided to go for a sleeping pill so that I could have a sound cricket free sleep .

But Virat and Rohit fight did not leave me alone even in dream…

I happened to be in the dressing room of Indian cricket team by virtue of ‘Spot the ball’ contest I won (of course in dream only) .

The dressing room had a few star cricketers. The three some who caught my attention were Ravi the coach, Virat the Captain and Rohit the hitman. They were sitting together and chatting.

I could then understand how Ravi managed to bring together the two superstars of Indian cricket team and what all the coaches could learn from him.

The conversation among them was something like this…

Ravi- Virat come on now , smile…Rohit has decided to foget and forgive.

Virat- What ! I can’t forget and forgive till Madam A forgives him.

Ravi- Who is Madam A Virat?

Virat- She is my everything Coach Mentor teacher at home.

Ravi- Virat but Madam A only told me to be a mediator between you and Rohit.

Rohit- Wait Ravi . I won’t listen to anyone I am angry and will continue to keep distance on the field and off the field from this Angry Middle Aged captain. On field I will field at third man if Virat is at long on. Off the field I will stay on fifth floor if Virat is at ground floor. I don’t want to see eye to eye with him. The anger in his eyes is more contagious than Corona.

Virat- But Do I look like middle aged man Ravi?

Ravi- No way ! Neither you nor Rohit . Infact I am in the middle  of both of you.

Virat- Means what Ravi ?

Ravi – I mean Virat if you 25 and Rohit 35, I can just be happy with 30.

Rohit- Ravi sir we appreciate your confidence but…

Ravi- I am not talking about years I am talking about ML.

Virat- Oh Ravi Bhai your  sense of humour is far better than sense of rumour of Indian media.

Ravi- By the way I have gift for both of you, Rohit and Virat.

Rohit- What is that Ravi Sir.

Ravi- This is the special T-shirt for Rohit and you. Come Virat give it to Rohit and Rohit give it to Virat and hug each other and say loudly. We want ‘Patch Up’

Virat- Oh!!! T-Shirt with nice message ‘Patch Up’

Rohit- Yes absolutely very apt message , now we have no choice but to Patch Up!!!

Ravi- This is message not just for you but whole Indian team. Everyone must go for Patch Up and enjoy…

Virat- But Ravi Sir I have seen some brand promotion about this Brand ‘Patch Up’

Is it Mineral Water brand or Sparkling Water brand I mean a ‘Soda’ brand?

Ravi- Virat you are so smart. Without doubt it’s a Soda (Sparking Water) brand. I am venturing into manufacturing of this new drink ‘ Patch Up’ and you both are my brand ambassadors.

Rohit- Ravi Sir, you are great. You can convert any crisis into opportunity. We are with you. We will wear this T-Shirt and you can tell the whole world we have agreed for Patch up.

Virat- Rohit , We must Patch Up now and let Ravi Sir take all the credit.

Ravi- Cheers my friends. Go for Patch Up…Not just a Sparkling Water brand… but you know very well what it is…..

My dream had a last over photo finish ! I got up and what a coincidence I saw a news headline “Virat and Rohit Patch Up” Ravi Shastri makes it possible.

A Satirical Article by Aju Deshpande







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