Is he Greatest Run scorer in first class cricket : Amol Muzumdar interview – Part -2


Amol Speaks to Sportsnasha in an exclusive interview…

AM- Amol Muzumdar

RD – Rajesh Deo

KM- Kunal Mahashabde


KM : I remembered the match in 1999-2000 against Tamil Nadu , I was a small child ,my father has taken me to field . Sachin had scored double hundred.

AM : It was a crunch situation , I have never faced such pressure before. Tamil Nadu had put a big score 497 and we don’t want to loose game at Wankhede. I will say that 240 was one of the best inning of Sachin in first class cricket. It was amazing , I have never seen as brilliant as that one .

KM : What was your toughest situation to bat ?

AM :  In 20-21 years of my cricketing career it’s hard to tell any one or two situations . But there were couple of games I remembered one against Bengal ,it  was a league match but the pitch was typical Wankhede pitch , there was a grass left on and it was a bouncy pitch . The ball was moving sideways means literally it was moving too much . Sudhir Naik sir was curator then , I said them don’t make such pitch again . The ball was moving too much and I got hundred there against a good Bengal attack . Ranadeep Bose , Ashok Dinda .

One historic match I remembered as a captain ,it was semifinal against Baroda in Moti Park . Ashok Mankad was coach of Baroda that time . They gave underprepared wicket to Mumbai , that is a flat track because of psychological fear in them . They gave us the track which was absolutely on the side , the grass was thick . It was on a slope like Lord’s  and there was a wide cracks right across to the 22 yards . I was not hoping that pitch for semifinal but Ashok Mankad being coach gave us that pitch . We batted entire day we were 0-2 then 235 , I scored 98 on day 1 . When I was passing by Ashok Mankad hugged me and you got this day to score. I thank him for his inspiration. One of the journalist told me is 235 enough , I said 235 is as good as 400 . I have batted on that . It turned out to be Baroda’s 2 innings and Mumbai’s 1 inning the average score was 110 ,it was that bad track . In 2 nd innings we were 0-5 and Vinayak Samant got 50 and Mumbai went on to win the game .

RD : Any tips for youngsters , how to bat in crisis situation ?

AM : It is inbound to fight it on in the middle, you can be aggressive and in your zone off the field but on the field of team really needs you , that is the quality that describes you , sometimes its inbound . Whenever I looks back at my career ,I found that streak in me that I will not leave my  crease . Against Bengal ,they were trying to get me by sledging and the pitch was bad as well . But while batting I had these thing in my mind that if earthquake occurs I will not leave my crease. Certain things inspired you but in crisis I have seen some players go defensive and inwards and put pressure on themselves .If you looked crisis as an opportunity ,then everything falls in its place and I looked crisis as an opportunity .

RD : There are lot of controversies about pitches in India , any thoughts on that ?

AM :  There are cry about pitches in India. I personally believe they should not be doctored but can you imagine Perth pitch in 60-70ts , the ball was flying and Old Trafford pitch where ball was moving sideways , Do you remember Barbados test match where opposition didn’t get out under 200 . It has happened earlier but in abroad that’s why we have not spoken about it . They should give us Indian track but the Sharjah track there was no contest. Listening to radio commentary of Barbados test match because there was a contest between bat and ball . They should not be doctored again but it should be proper contest .

to be continued…..

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