Is he Greatest Run scorer in first class cricket : Amol Muzumdar interview – Part -1

AM Amol Muzumdar

RD Rajesh Deo

KM Kunal Mahashabde

Interview –

RD : Today we have with us a legend of Mumbai cricket and a world record holder, Amol Muzumdar . First I would like to ask you , how do you turn to cricket in your childhood ?

AM : Well it’s been a long journey , My father was a instrumental figure in me turning towards cricket . He was a well known figure in Mumbai’s club cricket. In childhood days I remember him throwing me balls , we had a small courtyard , we used to live in Kalina. I am amazed, my father used to throw lacs of balls to me . One thing that rings in my ears even now also , he ask me to defense and that struck my mind and that’s a pivotal thing my father gave me an addiction towards cricket .

RD : Any special memories of practice days .

AM : Well thousands of memories as it was a unique time to play cricket . I am biased towards that era 70- 80 ts , I may be little biased , as I have grown up in that era. Specially in Shivaji park to grown up as a cricketer , it was a terrific finishing school . I used to practice in Anna Vaidyas nets and then shifted to Achrekar sir , I am very fortunate to play in that era. People talk about me that I am unfortunate , I didn’t get to play for India but I have opposite views , I am very fortunate to play in that era , there were teachers infact Gurus who used to tell us the importance of technique. I am fortunate to play under Achrekar sir , Anna Vaidya sir , Patil sir , Anaman Singh sir . I used to play camps under Anman Singh sir , he was a amazing coach , Sir used to give those finishing touches in camps . Vasu Paranjape sir was also there . All those Gurus have contributed in my strong technique . But as I said my father used to say defense . At times you are labelled and ask if you wanted to make way in Mumbai Cricket or Indian Cricket you have to score big , it is called Daddy Hundred . In India you are labelled like , He is good for test cricket , I was labelled as a test cricketer with a strong technique. But I cannot remember that a single match I have put my team underpressure. I was a very busy cricketer , technique was my strong point but , I used to move scoreboard.

RD : What you want to say about your world record in Faridabad ?

AM: That was a special day for me , it changed my life upside down . When I was 8 years old , my father used to send me for jog at early 6 am and when I used to come back , I used to dream of giving interviews on my own . As luck would have it I dream of giving interview in my very first game with Ravi Shastri and in 1993-94 I made my debut under Ravi Shastri. And from then I didn’t look back . It completely changed my life , I was padding on 245 with the end of the second day and I was literally giving an interview alongside Ravi Shastri, my childhood hero . They say dreams come true , Yes dreams really come true.

KM : How do you get motivated to play for Mumbai , when you are playing U-19 ?

AM : When you are growing up in Mumbai Maidens , you are always told the glory of Ajit Wadekar , Dilip Sardesai , Sunil Gavaskar , Dilip Vengsarkar . My father used to talk about Vijay Manjrekar, Ramakant Desai , my house talks were revolves around Mumbai Cricket , As a child I used to dream playing up for Mumbai . It was not like as motivation kind of thing , it was my dream and I was just following my dream .

RD : Any special memories of Mumbai dressing room ?

KM : As you have played with variety of generations from Ravi Shastri to Ajinkya Rahane. Tell us something about that .

AM : Mumbai dressing room is a such a piased place . There was a strong bond in dressing room . We used to believe what happens in dressing room stays in dressing room . I am very fortunate to play with variety of players , the team meetings with Ravi Shastri, Sanjay Manjekar , Sachin Tendulkar’s aura , Vinod Kambli , Wasim Jaffers steady and cool attitude . There were lot of characters who build the team, and I was fortunate to share dressing room with them . Dressing room talks were amazing , you will never find a dull moment when Vinod Kambli is around . He used to sing songs , crack jokes . He used to carry flamboyant attitude . It was terrific sharing dressing room with him. I think that 90ts Mumbai team was as strong as you get . Wassim Jaffer opening with Samir Dighe then Sanjay Manjekar , no.4 Sachin Tendulkar no. 5 Kambli , 6 myself then no. 7 Bahutule then followed by fast bowlers , that was a strong Mumbai side . It was a great fortune of me to play alongside .

To be continued…….

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