In my dreams….. Team meeting before England first Test- Who will play who will not….and much more…

In my dreams…..
Team meeting before England first Test- Who will play who will not….and much more…
I always get dreams about a cricket especially when a Test is coming up. Now that England will play India on 5th of this month my dream theme was prewritten may be.
An Indian dressing room…A day before match…Meeting attended by Virat, Rahane, Ravi and Pujara being special invitee. 
Something like this happened in my dream ‘meeting’.
Ravi- Boys tomorrow we are playing our biggest enemies.
Ajinkya-  Biggest enemies???…I don’t believe in enmity Ravi sir. I am a simply guy with no enemy…Aussies were also not our enemies other wise I would have cut Kangaroo cake and eaten entire one without sharing.
Ravi- I mean England were enemies before 1947. And Ajinkya please note . Do not speak unless asked for as you behaved in Australia. Now Virat is captain. He will only speak.
Ajinkya-Right sir, Virat was and is the captain for me always. Even when I retire and Virat retire he will be captain for me.
Ravi- Virat you are once again with us and we are all happy that we will be playing with the best batsman in the world.
Virat- Thank you Ravi Sir. I am happy you handled the team very well in Australia and brought the Victory under my leadership.
Pujara (Rubbing his left rib)- Sir but Rahane was captain and we won due to his leadership.
Ravi- Pujara you shut up. You just take care of your ribs and remember Virat is our spine. And yes, wickets in India are going to be flat as I have ensured it. I  have warned the curator to make Wankhede like wicket when South Africa scored 400 in ODI.
Virat- Yes ! Ravi sir knows how to scold curators. He will get the wickets done properly. Ravi sir , by the way we should play Rahane or Pandya in the first test.
Ravi- We will give Ajinkya at least one chance to prove he can play well under you as well.
Pujara- Virat am I in playing XI ?
Virat- Why not ? As such the chest pads are in short supply and nobody would like to play without chest pads except you. Chets, your name is CHETS and you have a broad Chest. By the way how is your third rib from top?
Pujara – Third rib is slightly better but my fifth rib is paining a lot.
Virat- Why what happened ? Did Siraj hit you in nets?
Pujara- No Virat- My wife punched me that day.
Ajinkya- Why? Chets? Is it because you did not bring any gift for her from Australia?
Pujara- No. Ajinkya I made a mistake.
Ravi-What mistake Cheteshwar? 
Pujara- I told her that I will never take a paternity leave after Virat’s experience .
Virat- My experience was good, very good in fact.
AJinkya- How Virat?
Virat- Ask Ravi.
Ravi- Yes I will speak for him. Virat enjoyed paternity leave in every way…He made his wife happy…he made Ajinkya happy…he made team India happy….and ultimately he took all the credit of creating a team which can win without him. Virat is Virat. If anyone asks me I would give him credit for even 1971 England West Indies wins under Wadekar.
Pujara- Why Sir this is too much…Virat was not even born that time .
Ravi- He may not have been born but once myself and Wadekar ji were having a late night party when he told me.
Virat- What he told Ravi sir !
Ravi- All  my 1971 victories were also made possible  because of the inspiration of  Virat Captaincy.
Ajinkya- Cheers sir…..I agree…..I have no choice…
My dream got over …..I suddenly got up and shouted….soda please….
Aju Deshpande
A sportsnasha exclusive
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