A player became MoM without scoring a run or taking a wicket … Sportsnasha Sunday Special on Statistics…By Paramdeep Rathee

Some unknown stats and facts in cricket:

  1. A small coincidence in Cricket history. They are the first to take 200 ODI wickets. They both are from India and they took equal number of matches to collect that milestone. Kapil Dev and Jhulam Goswami are their names.
  2. Once Cameron Cuffy of West Indies neither scored a single run nor took a Wicket and bagged Man of the Match award.
    In 2001, When West Indies toured Zimbabwe, in an ODI West Indies managed to score 266/5 with the help of half centuries by Darren Ganga, Chris Gayle and Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Cameron Cuffy didn’t come to bat. Later in the second innings, he bowled a fiery spell of 10-2-20-0 which won the game for them. He has been a part of a run out but
    didn’t take any catch. M Dillon and M Samuels grabbed 3 wickets each but they were quite expensive. So Cameron Cuffy
    was rewarded Man of the Match award.
  3. During Ashes series in 1974-75, Mike Denness being the captain of the English team dropped himself from the playing XI for the 4th Test at Sydney after scoring only 65 runs in 6 innings (6, 26, 2, 20, 8, 2) in the first three Tests. He later went on to become a match referee and got his name involved in a controversy where he sanctioned six Indian players, four including Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh for excessive appealing, Sachin Tendulkar for alleged ball-tampering, and the captain Sourav Ganguly for failing to control his players (India vs South Africa -Port Elizabeth Test-2001)
  4. Once it required 3 bowlers to complete an over in a test match against Sri Lanka. In 2001, When West Indies toured Sri Lanka,this happened in the second test match. First two balls of the over were bowled by Mervin Dillon then he felt some.pain and left the ground. Later Colin Stuart took the ball and he bowled 2 full tosses over the waist because of which the umpire stopped him from bowling before that he bowled one good delivery. Then the remaining 3 balls were bowled by Chris Gayle.
  5. Merv Hughes was a talented Australian cricket player of his era. However, he is more recognized by his signature
    mustache. During his time on the Australian national cricket team, he insured his ‘stache. The insurance policy was for his
    handlebar mustache was for $317,000. Someone should tell him that its hair. If god forbid something happens to his
    mustache, it will grow back! . I hope Nathulal (Character of a bollywood movie sharabi) has also bought this insurance, as
    his mustache was the inspiration behind the famous dialogue- “mooche ho toh nathulal jaise, varna na ho …
  6. Here is another one for Merv Hughes as he took the complex Hat-Trick that was spread across 3 overs and two.Innings. On December 4th 1988, he took the wicket off the last ball of 36th over and took the wicket off the first ball of his next over that ended the West Indies 1st innings. And later in the 2nd innings he took the wicket off the first ball and collected very complex hat-trick.
  7. South African fast bowler Morne Morkel holds the unwanted record for the most Test wickets overturned by no-balls.
    Morkel took 14 Wickets in the act of over-stepping.
  8. Virat The Run Machine Kohli is the only Indian batsman to score a century which contains century with runs too. It.happened against South Africa in 2018. He scored 160(159) with the help of 12 fours and 2 sixes. Boundaries constitute.60 runs and the other 100 runs came by running between the wickets. Thus he made a century with runs too.
  9. Kate Cross was the first woman cricketer to play along with men in Central Lancashire league in 2015. She played for.Heywood in that league. On her debut she took 3 wickets by conceding just 19 runs. But later on in that league, she made.her best bowling figures of 47/8.
  10. Janardhan Navle was the first Indian batsman to face a ball in Test Cricket. He faced England’s Bill Bowes and also scored First test run of India in Tests. He was also the first Indian Test wicketkeeper.
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