Did Bradman Actually have average of 100 and not 99.94?

Sportnasha Sunday special:
* Some unknown facts and stats in cricket:
1. Sunil Gavaskar has the best strike rate in  ten thousand test runs club. He scored his 10122 runs with a strike rate of 66.04.
2. Did you know Hollywood actor Charles Aubrey Smith captained England in the only test he played. He was a medium-pacer and picked 7 Wickets in the game. In 1932, he established the HOLLYWOOD CRICKET CLUB and created a pitch with imported English grass.
3. In the Ashes 1948, The 5th & Final Test of the series Sir Don Bradman walked in with 101.39. If he was to be dismissed for a 70th time, he needed just four more runs to reach 7,000 and end his career with an average of 100. But nobody knew that and Cricket’s most famous duck. Bradman could not last long, he was bowled second ball by Eric Hollies, a Warwickshire leg-spinner for whom the rowdiest stand at Edgbaston is now named, and finished a legendary career with 6,996 runs, and the famous average of 99.94. But here is the twist according to some statisticians there is a possibility of clocking his batting average 100. The controversy of 4 runs scored in the 5th Ashes test in 1928-29 at Melbourne should have accounted correctly. The Scorer by mistake added those four runs to Jack Ryder’s score whose at the non strikers end. According to them accounting that 4 runs to Bradman’s total is just one of the many possible cases. In an in-depth analysis, it was observed that, the bowlers runs conceded tally matches with the team total, and the batting partnership also matched(if that missing 4 runs were accounted in Ryder/Bradman’s tally). But, there is no evidence, which say who scored it. Hence, it’s still an unsolved mystery.
4. Keith Miller worked as a pilot with the royal Australian Air force during World War II. He carried out raids over Germany in Mosquito night-fighters. Alongside his military duties, Miller also played for Royal Austrian Air force (RAAF) sides in 1943 and 1944. Miller is widely regarded as Australia’s greatest ever all-rounder.
5. In August 1991, The three giants of West Indies cricket who left the field together for the last time. These players are Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall and Jeff Dujon. It is the Second Instance of 3 Players retiring in same test match after Australian Trio of Dennis Lillee, Greg Chappell and Rod Marsh Retired Together in 1984.They were the three stalwarts of West Indies’ dominant side of the 1980s, and like the Australian trio, they were the team’s leading top run-getter, wicket-taker and wicketkeeper – Richards retired with 8540 runs, Marshall with 376 wickets and Dujon with 272 dismissals. Only Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border had more runs than Richards, only Richard Hadlee and Ian Botham had more wickets than Marshall and only Rod Marsh had more dismissals than Dujon at the time. Unlike the Australian trio, though, they couldn’t quite finish on a high, as England won that last Test of the series by five wickets to level the series 2-2. In the final Test, Richards scored 2 and 60, Dujon 0 and 5 and Marshall picked up only two wickets. For the first time in seven years, West Indies were asked to follow on by any team, while England enforced their first follow-on over West Indies in 22 years.
6. Did you know 87 is known as Devil number in Australian cricket.This is all due to an error in a match scorecard. The origin of the superstition stretches back 85 years to December 1929, when a 10-year-old Keith Miller was watching Sir Don Bradman in a Sheffield Shield match at the MCG. Unfortunately, Bradman got out for 87. Young Miller got fixated with the number 87 and started considering it as an unlucky figure. The legend spread even further when Miller was playing district cricket for South Melbourne alongside future Test captain Ian Johnson. Johnson was dismissed on 87, providing Miller the opportunity to confirm his theory. Richie Benaud and Alan Davidson spread the notoriety of the number 87 all over the Australian continent. However, as the hype around the superstition reached its highest point, Miller decided to review the scorebook of the match only to find a shocking revelation. Bradman was actually bowled for 89 !!Miller blamed the slow MCG scorecard for the error. But the damage had been done and 87 would remain forever as the Devil’s number in Australian Cricket.
7. On 11th Aug 1884, first double century partnership was made in test cricket by Australian batsmen Billy Murdoch and HJH Tup Scott against England. They scored 205 for the third wicket partnership. Later on in the Innings, Billy Murdoch scored a double ton and Scott made a century.
8. New Zealand Batwoman, Suzie Bates represented New Zealand in the Beijing Olympics 2008 in Basketball But, unluckily they didn’t make it to reach the medal. She’s the only woman player to represent her country in both Basketball and Cricket and is currently the leading run scorer in T20I’S including men’s and women’s cricket.
9. Australian leg spinner Jimmy Mathews took two hat tricks in the same test match against South Africa in 1912. He took a hat trick in the first innings which ended the South African innings. Then Australian captain enforced them to follow on. Then in the Second innings too, he took a hat trick making himself as the only bowler to achieve that.
10. England is the only country to host the Champions Trophy more than once. They hosted the trophy in 2004, 2013 and 2017.

By Paramdeep Rathee


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