Reliving excitement of World Cup 2019

On July 14, 2019, none of the cricket fans would have expected the final of ICC World Cup 2019 to end up being the most iconic match of all-time. None of the billions tuning into their television screens would have imagined in their desert dreams that the final clash of the event end up being decided in the Super Over. Everyone would have laughed hard had anyone in their craziest of imagination claimed that the final of ICC World Cup 2019 would end up being decided after a tied Super Over, but that’s true. England won a thrilling 2019 Cricket World Cup final, beating New Zealand after the match went to a dramatic tie super over following a tie at Lord’s.
Both teams fought to their final breath, only to see the scores being level after the nerve-racking 100 over, Which led to Super over, add to that a sensational Super Over even that couldn’t divide the two teams. You couldn’t have written a better script. The winner was decided on the boundary-count rule. It has been scrapped since then, England lifted the World Cup as the entire world sympathised with the Black Caps
New Zealand elected to bat after winning the toss and made a competitive total of 241 for eight from their 50 overs with the help of solid batting performance led by Henry Nicholls (55), Tom Latham (47), and Kane Williamson (30). The Black Caps looked for a glory, with the hosts needing 22 runs from the last nine balls.
Then, utterly incredible scenes – never before witnessed in cricket history – unfolded. First, Boult looked to have taken the game-defining catch, caught Stokes on the mid-wicket boundary. But as he stood back to complete the catch, he stood on the boundary rope and turned a match winning moment into a potentially game-changing six. The New Zealanders fought back though, making the equation tough once more with 15 needed off four, before Stokes sent Boult over mid-wicket. Nine from three. Still Advantage Black caps. Next ball, A full toss came in, and Stokes smeared it to mid-wicket. Guptill was on to quickly, and went to attempt a runout at the striker’s end. Diving for his wicket, Stokes unintentionally managed to deflect the throw for four overthrows. Six runs. Instead of a runout, or merely two runs, England were left needing just three from two balls. Stokes could only manage a single from the penultimate ball. Adil Rashid was run out trying for a second run, needing two for victory, the final ball of the innings was a repeat with Neesham’s throw to run out Mark Wood’s attempt for a second run, and sending the game to a Super Over.
Stokes and Buttler came out for the Super Over, and hit Boult for 15. They also rescued England hope earlier from 86-4 with a 110-run partnership. The Black Caps Needed 16 for the victory and sent out Neesham and Guptill. Jofra Archer started his over with a wide. The Black Caps runs a quick two on the first legitimate ball. Neesham then produced a massive six over mid-wicket, putting the Black Caps in the driver seat. Seven off four became five off three, then three off two, as the Black Caps scampered three consecutive twos. The penultimate ball comes off Neesham’s inside edge, and they run a single, putting Guptill on strike He clips the ball towards mid-wicket, Runs a single and then turns for the second, he dives, But Failed was Run-out and England won the World Cup.
Miserable, excruciating, heartbreaking centimetres. The centimetres between Trent Boult’s heel and the boundary rope, as his catch turned into a six. The centimetres of Ben Stokes’ diving bat that cruelly deflected four final-over overthrows. And ultimately, the centimetres between Martin Guptill’s bat and the crease, as he dove in desperation for the winning run. The reaction of the New Zealand players was summed up by that Kane Williamson smile while collecting the silver medal and that Jimmy Neesham tweet after the match:  “Kids, don’t take up sport. Take up baking or something. Die at 60 really fat and happy.”
This was the first World Cup final since 1999 when both the highest wicket-taker and leading run-scorer in the tournament were not the part of the final. The World Cup’s top run-scorer Rohit Sharma’s (648) India were knocked out in the semis and so was the leading wicket-taker Mitchell Starc’s (27) Australia.
Now let’s go toward the umpiring errors in the match. England were awarded 6 runs for an overthrow after the ball deflected off Stokes’ bat. Stokes was trying to complete a double at the striker’s end but before he could reach the crease, the ball bound off his bat to the boundary. 6 runs were awarded to England in a tense final over. What the ICC rules say? 19.8 Overthrow or wilful act of fielder.” If the boundary results from an overthrow or from the wilful act of a fielder, the runs scored shall be any runs for penalties awarded to either side and the allowance for the boundary and the runs completed by the batsmen, together with the run in progress if they had already crossed at the instant of the throw or act.” Now, if we looks at the definition of this law, a conclusion can be drawn that England were awarded an extra run. They should have been awarded by five runs instead of six. After consultation with Marais Erasmus the on-field umpire Kumar Dharmasena signalled six runs for the incident, which means that England seemed to be drifting out of contention needing nine runs from three balls were suddenly right back in the hunt towards World Cup glory needing three more from two.
Later, Umpire Kumar Dharmasena, who awarded England six runs for the freak overthrow has admitted that, he made a “judgemental error” and should have given one run fewer. He also said we did not have the luxury of TV replays at the ground and and I will never regret the decision. Former Australian umpire Simon Taufel also said the on-field umpires’ decison to award 6 runs for the controversial overthrow in the final over of England’s chase against New Zealand in World Cup 2019 final is an “error in judgement”.
Yes, It was cruel and it New Zealand’s hearts, but it was also incredible. It was one of the greatest sporting encounters you’ll ever see.They didn’t deserve to lose. Not like this. Especially not with how the final moments unfolded.

By Paramdeep Rathee

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