Birthday Boy Steve Smith- A Don in making?

Steve Smith-Bradman of the Digital Age?

In the era of two-minute Maggi noodles contaminated with lead and MSG, it has been fascinating to see some gritty, dogged and tenacious batting from Australia. The major architect of this old-fashioned play has been Steve Smith. The comeback emulates Indira Gandhi’s whirlwind victory in 1980 elections after her Emergency histrionics.
Smith has announced his comeback to Test cricket in his grand and unorthodox style. He has countered vicious crowds, tricky pitches and a quality bowling attack to score two majestic centuries and a valiant 90 at Lord’s to put Australia in the driver’s seat, until he was finally knocked out by England’s new fast bowling sensation-Jofra Archer.
It was an eight over spell at the Mecca of Cricket( Sincere apologies, Gavaskar sir, Home of English cricket) which filled English cricket with the promise that it hasn’t witnessed since the times of John Snow and maybe the Bodyline series. Even the ‘suit-boot'(Members Stand), were up on their feet and right behind the Bajan-born bullet train.
In Bollywood parlance, it was a tug-of-war between ‘King’ Khan and a prodigious talent from Bolywood, taking baby steps in the film industry and both of them vying for the same screen space. The debutant certainly made the king hop and dance to his bullets before one finally knocked him over. The desire to get his name on the honors board, got the knight wear his bruised armor again, but the damage was already done and the finishing touches were provided by Chris Woakes. This spell will go down in the folklore, and ‘problem-solver’ Smith, the term coined by his coach will be eager to diffuse the new kryptonite. The tussle has the promise to be a blockbuster in the future.
It is a strange game this Test cricket. It makes batsmen and bowlers to fight out for five days to get an upper hand over each other but it’s the little moments that get etched in our memory like the Archer vs Smith duel or the Tendulkar vs Steyn encounter at Cape Town.
After all the trauma and pain he has gone through, Smith has looked as if he has never left his bubble. Is he Steve Jobs (Genius) or simply is he Bill Gates(Effective)? Does his batting fascinate you or beguile you? Is he the best batsman of his generation or simply is he simply the most resourceful batsman that has ever lived? The answers to these questions are like solving the mystery of Bermuda Triangle.a
As per the MCC textbook, For a game that thrives on technique and convention when it comes to batting in particular, he shouldn’t be able to score the amount of runs the way he does it. However, Textbooks don’t make Dhirubhai Ambani nor they make you Mark Zuckerberg. It is the self-belief and the ability to ride the turbulent times that defines success.

Steve Smith is Kishore Kumar of music. Kishore could take you to places you have never seen before with his voice, listener would be astounded by what they were hearing, even they knew what was coming.

Steve is definitely a second Don in terms of consistency…

In terms of average only Don can do it again we can say ?

By PDelites

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