Happy birthday to king Sachin Tendulkar

On the eve of Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday…sharing few slogans from our book
“Two Hundred Sloguns Salute to King Sachin’
which was accorded place in Limca Book of records..
book was published (just before Sachin retired ) by his close buddy Atul Ranade.
My friend Rajesh Deo interviewed Atul on the occasion.
Happy birthday to Legend Sschin from Team Sportsnasha

Sixteen when started,
Seventeen he matured
and at eighteen he was master!
Can you believe? at forty Sachin played like youngster!

Vishy’s Let cut, Sunny’s straight drive
Dhoni’s pull and kapil’s Hook!
Is there any shot not played by master which is left in the book !
Wicket may be slow or turner, may be it’s bouncy and fast!
Sachin will go there not to crawl but to enjoy the game and have blast!

Many players have class and many have skill !
But who is empowered with Great Man’s Zeal!
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image courtsey Prakash