Why Visibility matters a lot for grassroot sportsmen?

Grassroot Sportsmen, unsung heroes of sports, women sportspersons   all need publicity and  visibility. There is some connection between visibility and new opportunities for performing young kids, retired unsung heroes . We have experienced this during last four years of our work in grassroot sports.

How it works? , whether there is direct connection or not is a question, but many young sportsmen whom we have tried to bring back to limelight or infused the confidence or retired sportsmen whose interviews we have shared on our website or social media platforms or those we have felicitated or with those we have jointly executed projects have definitely gained in some way of other.

Some of them have received lucrative coaching assignments , some of them have been offered top positions in sporting body, some have received financial support by way of scholarship , some have been able to develop a network which may have helped their own profession . It would not be fair to give the names or reveal identity of these deserving sportsmen whom we connected.  We believe it is basically their talent , their records and their hard work which have helped them to be reborn.

Sportsnasha has just tried to give them a platform to speak, a stage to promote their outstanding performances . Sportsnasha team has been exploring all it’s sources and contacts to ensure these talented but low key sportsmen get revisited and are not deprived of due publicity.

Sportsnasha has also been connecting these sportsmen with important and key persons in the field to open the opportunities. Whether it is a former cricketer getting a good assignment, or a sports support professional getting a big break or a young talented kid getting a scholarship or a retired sportsmen getting chance to restart their career  in coaching or as a sports writer or get a honorable post in sports association .

The doors have opened , new avenues are found ,for those who have connected with us. It can not be a termed as just coincidences when such opportunities have surfaced for not just one or two but for many .

Sportsnasha is also  grateful to those GOD like individuals , sportspersons of repute or media professionals who have selflessly supported our cause of giving visibility and required tonic to these kids or those who have not just skill but desire to work hard and pursue the sport or sports related activity.

Under our SSPRINT project  (joint project of sportsnasha with Positive Sports Physiotherapy ) we have worked towards affordable services for young kids , which have only been available to top sportsmen . Our aim has been  to ensure that unprivileged are not deprived of good sports support.

So sportsmen at all levels, from kids to retired, please do connect with sportsnasha, if you really love your sport and want to keep growing in that sport or wish to dedicate your time for sport you like, whether it is for earning or for pleasure.

Recently a top sports physio revealed  to us ” There are about 2 Lakh vacancies for sports physios in our country but only few thousands are available” That speaks of opportunites in our country in sports which we are unaware of.

So as a sportsmen let us know  if you are feeling a vacuum in your sporting career , we will try our best to replace it with fresh air.