Legend in Tennis , Gopi chand speaks on Sports Science.

Asavari Parmar, former international badminton player, informs sports lovers about Gurukul, an initiative by P. Gopichand. Asavari is a part of this initiative .

Badminton Gurukul is a first of its kind initiative by Padma Bhushan Pullela Gopichand. He is the face of sports education in India and is involved in this wonderful initiative. The launch and growth of Badminton Gurukul is a dream come true not just for aspiring professional athletes but also for every individual that wishes to learn and enjoy the sport and also for all retired professionals who want to contribute to the game that has given them so much.

All the ‘Gurus’ and coaches have been personally handpicked and trained and themselves have been former Olympians, International / National champions and players. Without exception, they are returning to the sport to play their part in ‘growing the game’ and to help build India’s next generation of sports champions and enthusiasts.

Simply put, Badminton Gurukul offers standardized curriculum imparted by a panel of highly qualified ‘Gurus’ and trained & certified coaches to lead and head up academy centres under the guidance, mentorship & training of Pullela Gopichand.

Champions will emerge by default as Badminton Gurukul takes the game across the country and provides ‘access & opportunity’. The desire is to cater to all levels, ages and genders thereby increasing the badminton playing population of the country.

Majority of the playing population in India leaves the sport along the training journey and very few make it to the top of the pyramid. The philosophy is to provide a better environment, curriculum, training techniques, technology and guidance and contribute to spreading physical literacy and growing the number of healthy sports playing Indians.

The focus is on ‘inclusion’. Across all the Badminton Gurukul centres there is a welcoming environment that ensures all students are equal. The emphasis is on building a future filled with disciplined and happy champions, not just in sport but in life.

Please find below the links to the website and AV film of Badminton Gurukul.

1. Link to the Badminton Gurukul website – www.badmintongurukul.com  

2. Link to the AV Film of Badminton Gurukul –  https://youtu.be/ysmTvMRO8KI 

Click to watch what Gopichand has to say about Sports Science in an exclusive chat with. sportsnasha.com.

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