Blind Cricket taste thrill of Super-Over 1st time

On sunday 17th Nov, Mumbai & pune’s blind cricket team witnessed thrill of Super-over. Kritwi Welfare trust organized wonderful *One day Blind cricket tournament* at Jahunara turf, Thakur Village, Kandivali East, Mumbai.
Cricket Association for Blind in Maharashtra (CABM)s top cricketers won 3 matches in Ranji trophy style tournament called NAGESH TROPHY recently on 8 & 9 Nov. And Now they perform nicely again at Thakur village tournament.
In blind cricket, there are 3 categories:
B1: Complete blind
B2: 80% blind
B3: less than 60% blind
1st match:
Darshan Superstars (Captain: Darshan Kamble) won the toss and elected to bat first against Sunil Rocksars
Darshan Superstars: 59-7 (5 overs)
Sunil Rockstars: 22-7 (5)
Darshan Superstars won by 38 runs
2nd match:
Charles Night riders (CNR) (captain:   Charles rao)   won the toss and elected to bat first against Pune Legends (Sandeep jadhav)
CNR: 50-7 (5)
Pune Legends: 47-7 (5)
CNR Won by 3 runs
3rd match
CNR Won the toss and elected to bat first against Darshan Superstars
CNR: 40-6 (5)
Darshan Superstars: 43-2 (4.4)
Darshan Superstars won by 5 wkts
4th match: Play-off:
Pune Legends won the toss and elected to bat field against Sunil Rockstars
Sunil Rockstars: 37-7 (5)
Pune Legends: 37-7 (5)
Match Tied
Sunil Rockstars. 0,4,W,1,W
Score: 5 All out
Target 6 runs
Pune Legends: 0,0,0,0,0nb,0,6nb
Score: 8-0 (0.5)
Pune Legends won Tied match in Super Over
1. Darshan Superstars: 2 match, 2 Won
2. CNR: 2 Match, 1 win
3. Pune Legends: 2 match, 1 win
4. Sunil Rockstars: 2 match, 0 win
Player of the match: 1. Rahul Navghane, complete blind, claimed 5 wkts, he took 3 wkts in a last over of 1st match for Darshan Superstars
2. Sunil manve (Sunil Rockstars)
He hit last ball six when his need 7 runs in a last ball and SuperOver happened
3. Nitesh mohurle: 26 & 14
Player of the tournament: Arbaaz Patel (Darshan Superstars) 36 & 25
Description about 3 photos:
1. Champion captain Darshan Kamble of Darshan Superstars on my right side and runners-up skipper on my left with trophies
2. Tournament director    Chirag Statistician with organiser Purnita pandagale
3. Left to right: Chirag Statistician, Veteran BCCI Scorer Yashwant Chaad &  CABM Secretary Ramakant satam  (Selfie taken by me)
Jai Hind
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