Police Shield is one of the most popular and standard cricket tournament of Mumbai where the talented and potential National Cricketers participate.

The performances at Police Shield are considered important to get into Mumbai Ranji team and then National Cricket team. Recent example being Shivam Dube who has performed exceedingly well in Police Shield and later represented India.

Tournament Sponsored by: Eagle Thane Strikers

Highlights of the 2nd league matches (1st Day) played on 23rd & 24th Nov’ 2019

Group – A:

Match No.1: Parkophne Cricketers v/s Karnatak Sporting Association at Karnatak Sporting Association

  • Toss won by Parkophene Cricketers & elected to field

Karnatak Sporting Association: 230/10 in 51.1 overs. Rudra Dhanday 126(Min.237, Balls-144, 17 x 4, 0 x 6) Pardeep Sahu-6/57

Match No.2: Islam Gymkhana v/s Sponsor’s XI (Eagle Thane Strikers) at Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana (Kandivali), Ground 1

  • Toss won by Islam Gymkhana & elected to bat

Islam Gymkhana:140/10 in 35.5 overs.

Samit Shetty 37*

Prashant Solanki -3/35

Sponsor’s XI(Eagle Thane Strikers):71/2 in 17 overs.

Srujan Athawale 39*


Group – B:

Match No. 3: Payyade Sports Club v/s Parsee Gymkhana at Dadoji Kondev Stadium, Thane

 Toss won by Parsee Gymkhana & elected to field first.

Payyade Sports Club: 201/10 in 48.1 overs. Rohan Raje 65, Sarfraz Khan 32

Manish Rao – 4/49, Shivam Malhotra-4/51


Match No. 4: Shivaji Park Gymkhana v/s Sind Sports Club at Shivaji Park Gymkhana Toss won by Sind Sports Club & elected to bat first.

Sind Sports Club:90/10 in 29 overs. Akhil Rajput 27

Varun Joijode-5/25

Shivaji Park Gymkhana:66/4 in 23 overs. Vedant Murkar 31


Note :- (*) Indicate Not Out

Tournament Sponsored by: Eagle Thane Strikers

Group – C:

Match No. 5: MIG Cricket Club v/s Bombay Gymkhana at MIG Cricket Club

 Toss won by MIG C. C. & elected to bat first.

MIG C. C. : 223/7 in 55.3 Overs.

Wasim Jaffer 88, Pragnesh Kanpillewar 69, Swapnil Pradhan 31* Yashraj Malap-3/16

Match No. 6: P. J. Hindu Gymkhana v/s Cricket Club of India at Cricket Club of India

 Toss won by P. J. Hindu Gymkhana & elected to bat first.

  1. J. Hindu Gymkhana: 117/10 in 38.3 Overs. Sachin Katkar 39, Pratik Desai 30

Krutik Hanagavadi-4/46, Harshal Soni-3/25

Cricket Club of India: 39/1 in 10 Overs. Paul Valthaty 27


Group – D:

Match No. 7: Mumbai Police v/s MCA Colts at MCA-BKC

 Toss won by MCA Colts & elected to bat first.

MCA Colts :271/5 in 60 Overs.

Agni Chopra 99, Kaushik Chiklikar 66, Utkarsh Raut 38* Amit Pandey-2/61

Match No. 8: New Hind Sporting Club v/s National Cricket Club at New Hind S. C., Matunga

 Toss won by New Hind Sporting Club & elected to bat first.

New Hind Sporting Club: 290/5 in 54.1 Overs.

Sachin Yadav 101(Min.164, Balls-120, 13 x 4, 0 x 6), Arsanal Shah 100 (Min.174, Balls-130, 10 x 4, 4 x 6), Karan Shah 48


Note :- (*) Indicate Not Out


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