Top Ranking Swastika misses Gold in National Tournament

International 13 Rank Table Tennis player of our Mumbai Ms SWASTIKA GHOSH again missed the Gold medal here at National Ranking TT Championship at Howrah DUMURJALA STADIUM Kolkata held from 18 to 25 October.
In Pre Quarter match and Semifinals Swastika made an excellent came back from 0-2  down against Satapurni of North Bengal in Pre Quarter and in Semi finals also against Poymonti Baisya of Bengal was 1-3 down, She turned the fortunes  and  clinched the win with  all out attacking style forehand, Top spin which Swastika’s main weapon also did the trick


It was back to back final after semi final. Final was with the team mate of Swastika Ms Diya chitale and lost to her .