BCCI Chief- Will Dada (Giri ) Magic Work Here ?

Dada will be BCCI President for next 11 months and it’s a news worth discussing and analyzing. After all the rumblings we saw during last two three years of BCCI working in last three years, this one thing has come out well and for the first time a Cricketer will head BCCI.

Supreme Court and Lodha Committee needs to be appreciated for that . The change is massive but it may not be a paradigm shift in BCCI working. BCCI till now was managed by or rather controlled by non cricketers and was not badly administered though.

BCCI as a Cricket Controlling body has come a long way . It has slowly but surely  become the strongest Cricket controlling body in the world. The credit for this must go to administrators at helm. Be it Mr. Dalmiya , Mr. Srinivasan or Mr.Sharad Pawar . There could be some flaws , personal interests , politics , financial irregularities etc. But still BCCI has ensured cricketers get best pay packets in the world of sports.

It is always said ‘other sports are not given due money or support in India’, It may be true but BCCI can not be solely held responsible for other sports’ slow progress. Partly the public , partly the government and mainly the politics in other sports bodies could be  playing a role in that, Indian cricket is golden egg hatching factory and it is natural that where there is honey there will be honeybees.

If we see the growth in Indian cricket as a sport on world map , there are many milestones which can not be ignored. Indian cricket has always progressed at an accelerated speed.

The twin Indian victories by Ajit Wadekar with help of three spinners in West Indies and England started the growth story in real sense. Then Sunil Gavaskar and GR Vishwanath gave Indian cricket confidence and stature as a batsmen who could match the best and it was for the first time an Indian (Sunil Gavaskar) found name in record books consistently. Then Kapil Dev’s World Cup win turned world cricket upside down and  suddenly cricket giants like Australia, West Indies and England  started taking India more seriously. Then of-course Benson and Hedges Cup (mini world cup) win by Sunny’s Team ensured India was here to stay in ODI format.

Sharjah matches brought money for cricketers . Sourav Ganguly as a captain started a new chapter of overseas wins especially in Pakistan. Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag , Sachin became most prolific batting order in world cricket. MS Dhoni made India no.1 side in all formats with two world cup wins ODI and T-20. Anil Kumble entered the Indian spinning legends list with 600 plus wickets

Sachin Tendulkar made foreign media see cricket beyond Bradman and Sobers. And now Virat is taking it further with new crop of talent.  IPL started a new chapter in Indian cricket and has been giving unprecedented revenue of about Rs.2000 crore to BCCI every year. IPL also has played big role in generation of business for small cities and employment as well . BCCI does not depend on GOI for support and that is the biggest plus.

Apart from players on the ground, BCCI officials had played their role off the field making  Indian  cricket a success story. Dalmiya had marketed the game well abroad and made BCCI a stronger financial entity. The administration system of BCCI and State Associations though has not been fool proof and a lot to be desired.

Lodha Committee has tried to bring in some sanctity and system for electing committees and regulating the working of BCCI and State bodies. It was hurricane task and expecting COA to cleanse the system in three years was like asking a batsman to score hundred on turning wickets consistently without professional umpires.

Whatever ! BCCI has overcome some tough period and  in the midst of all the mess has successfully organised  World cup, IPL and International cricketing encounters without much hiccups.

Dada is now going to pilot and fly an old plane full of passengers and with no shortage of fuel but a in a vastly  turbulent climate. The crew he has with him could be supportive provided he takes them along well. He has skill of flying a war plane but flying a war plane and flying a passenger plane would be a different skill . It is like Dada a veg food cook has to serve a  non-veg meal with his current skills.

It will interesting to see a non-political Dada managing a team of smart mix of businessmen and politicians. We can only wish Dada to come out winner in this new series , where he has to lead by example and face the fast bowlers on a bouncy track all the time.

As far as Sourav qualities as a captain are concerned , they could aid him lead BCCI efficiently. Dada as we all know an instinctive captain, was successful partly due to his team building capacity.  Dada’s strong decision making ability could be a blessings. Dada’s honesty may turn out to be a ‘disguise’ for his administrative team. Dada has always been a less confused as a leader with a better clarity and that could be plus for Indian cricket Board. Dada also has nothing to lose. Dada has been born rich and also  possesses  corrupt free background .

He recently said  to India Today “I am happy with the appointment because this is the time when BCCI’s image has got hampered and it’s a great opportunity for me to do something. ”

When Dada says something he means it but a word of caution , Dada.  No helmet has been invented for BCCI  president as a protective gear as yet.

A Sportsnasha Exclusive

By Aju Deshpande

Feature Image : A creation of Artist Sanjay Kulkarni

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