Steve Smith- A wizard who has mesmerized the cricketing world?

Adversity is something which many despise, but there are select few who take it like a water to duck and come out trumps in grand style. One such phenomenon is Steve Smith. A man in doldrums a year ago on that fateful day in Cape Town, hounded like criminals, tears flowing like a river, career in a state of limbo. From Australia’s second most important person to a “cheat”, life would have been a misery for Smith. Brands turning their heads away, Cricket Australia running an investigation, life certainly would have felt like an open-air prison to a champion who was on an Ashes-winning high. Ultimately, the toxic Australian culture of “win at all costs”, brought about his downfall. Lucrative IPL contract deserted him, he was banned from plying his trade in Sheffield Shield, Australia’s premier domestic league. His state was like a carpenter without his tools. A mere mortal would have collapsed, a bright career burnt to ‘Ashes’. We are not talking about mortals, are we? Flip the pages, fast forward the tape and here is Steve Smith, soaking into the applause of a select few and prompting the English supporters howling like wolves, baying for his blood to give him a standing ovation. A script worthy of a Manbooker. Yes, miracles do happen in real life and Smith is the torch-bearer. Momentum was with the Poms, they said. Tell that to Smudgy, and he will laugh at you. He lives in his own unorthodox world, where he is the king and bowlers are the slaves. English bowlers, the most oppressed.
Strong outfits have melted psychologically after receiving a blow like Headingley. Aussies felt the Ashes’ were stolen from the locker as Stokes ripped it open through some gruesome and mature batting. What about the Smith-size hole that was drilled in in the locker? 300 has looked far-fetched without him. Openers are struggling to buy a run. Demons in the pitch? Probably, even they bow down to the mastery and wizardry of Smith.
11 centuries against the arch-rivals, only a step behind the immortal Bradman, he has certainly redefined the term greatness. Smithy, You are an real-life Tony Stark or Christian Bale, an inspiration to the folks who are down in life. There is certainly light at the end of the dark tunnel, if you are ready to punch back like a heavy weight boxer.
Probably, just like Phil Knight drew inspiration from the temple Athena Nike, to build a large empire. England could well do with a similar entourage to remove the Smith thorn from their flesh.