ICC CWC19 -Emotions Unlimited as Team India packs the bags

Now that Indian team is packing bags and returning home from England after a festival of cricket world cup coming to an end, as an emotional Indian cricket lover I feel as if Diwali has ended without  Bhai Duj (last day of Diwali) being celebrated  and some crackers kept in reserve left out to be burst.

Every one I met after India’s thrillingly shocking defeat resisted the tears and flaunted the false sportsmanship side of theirs by saying ‘better team wins’. Any ways can’t resist my player by player review . Just trying to put it in some satire way to ease out the dysphoria.

Rohit Sharma- Obtained full marks in five subjects out of six but failed in one on the basis of which his admission rejected to the prestigious institute for higher studies.

K L Rahul- Played like a love bird partner of Rohit. When Rohit was singing, Rahul danced happily , However , could not bear the separation when Rohit departed and followed him  quickly.

Shikhar Dhawan- The famous actor who impressed well in an initial  guest appearance in the film was missed badly by audience later.

Virat Kohli- Piloted the plane very well with the help of efficient crew and co-pilot Dhoni who was virtual captain of the plane. But plane ultimately  crash landed in a turbulent climate.

Rishabh Pant- Kid who was directly admitted to Secondary school without attending primary , did well enough to pass the exam but not with good marks.

Dinesh Kartik- A landline telephone generation engineer put with the team on project  to design  a 5G technology based cell phone,

Hardik Pandya- Asked to play the  Rajnikant of Indian team ended up being a character actor.

MS Dhoni – A rear side engine of a railway train , pushed the over loaded train hard but could not help it reach the destination in time.

Ravi Jadeja- A most brilliant unsung actor of the film who could act, dance and do stunts but could not turn it into super hit due to poor script.

M.Shami- The actor who had given three hits in a row was replaced last minute from the big budget movie by producer as the role in the film was not suitable.

Bubaneshwar Kumar- The  sincere and serious  employee  of the company, who worked hard from ten to five and reached home in time.

Chahal- The skilled team member  of the maintenance department who could fix the faults with great efficiency to keep machinery  in good working condition but not beyond that.

Kuldeep Yadav- Brilliant student , not liked much by the teacher for not doing homework regularly.

Jasprit Bumrah- The only stock which kept on rising even in the falling share markets.

Mayank Agarwal- An Indian railway traveler whose ticket was on waiting list till last moment and ended up as a RAC passenger who did not get the full birth ultimately.

Ravi Shastri- A director who had good record of hit films was expected to give blockbuster but could not help as two big films released on the same day.

Team India- A dream which could not be realized  though team had number one batsman , number one bowler, number one fielder, number one wicket keeper in it. It’s like a film not doing as expected at box office in spite of having number one hero, number one heroine, number one music director and biggest banner.

Aju Deshpande

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PC by Prakash Parsekar