Raynier Fernandes of Mumbai makes debut, for India in Thailand

Sportsnasha Awards young sportsman

There are some activities silently going on, not getting publicity like CSR events, not getting attention of mainstream media, but they continue due to well wishers. Those who give true unconditional support, and they want good activities to continue.
We at www.sportsnasha.com felicitate 5 young sportsmen every year in the age group of 16 to 20. We try to encourage them so that they continue with sport. After they become celebrities, everyone will run behind them, but when they are in the process of becoming a celebrity or a superstar, our organisation supports them. One such player is Raynier Fernandes . He made his debut, yesterday on 5th June in Thailand, in match against Curacao.
Sportsnasha.com felicitated Raynier, on 9th October 2016, when website was launched at the hands of hockey legend, Dhanraj Pillai. Appreciating our idea, he gave prize of ₹ 25,000 to each player we felicitated. This gives us immense pleasure that Rayner represented India and that exactly is the motive behind launching our website.
All the best to Raynier from team Sportsnasha.