Leave MSD Alone

For Gods sake


MSD the legend , was wearing a badge of Indian military (Balidan) over his gloves, has become a big issue rather a bigger topic of discussion than MSD the player.

Here neither MSD to be blamed nor his fans, nor BCCI nor ICC.

The only entity whose ears need to be pulled or rather tongue uprooted is media, whose nose poking business has gone too far. Media is the only culprit which needs to be suspected as ‘an over greedy mountain out of mole creating’ gang.

Media is not interested in actual cricket on the ground. Media is interested in TRP (Total Reporting for Profit) as I see it.

According to information from various formal and informal sources MSD uses the badge, as it is a matter of honour or a pride conferred upon him after completing a type of tough military training and he has right to wear it, wherever he wants , wherever he goes. He may even put it on his byke. Whats wrong ? Is RTO going to object?

Nowadays, arrogant Media or sponsors think once they have sponsored a game they own everything , all rights including broadcasting, advertisement, ground, public, coaches, and every inch of a player’s nose, hair, legs, hands, lips , eyes, tongue, ears, heart, lever and brain as well. Of Course, some greatest players have sometimes played into their hands , forgetting the highest honours country has conferred upon them .There lies the issue. But our MSD is not one of them. Atleat my prima facie view from a north stand of a stadium is MSD is different , he will ensure every inch of his belongings remain his without doubt and will control it no matter what happens.

Big Sponsors and a over enthusiast (mildest adjective could use) media control everything , they are Hitlers of the game. Their gas chambers are more suffocating. They kill whatever they want , just that that they dont kill physically.

Do people have Superman eyesight to see from a distance of 75 yards what logo is there on MSD’s Gloves. Neither MSD is interested in over flaunting it. It’s media which makes it a Nationality or whatever issue. TV channels have a plenty of empty vessels (who make more noise) to fill after elections are over , they dont want to show the positive and a hard earned news. I doubt, sports reporters even know who was captain of India which gave India a first series win in Engalnd but might know the awkward off the field incidences of any series.

Very few channel show for fans to follow and implement , how much hard work MSD does on and off the field, very few understand the smartest brain MSD carries on his broad shoulders.

MSD has achieved the badge not just like tattoos which many ‘Karke Aya’ type players show off . Never seen MSD crying over or blaming a player for loss of series or a match. He has been one of the the bravest cool heads of India in cricket .

The small badge on MSD Gloves should not be a matter of world war three.

We sporting Indian cricket fans are more concerned about the game , the way our team performs.

In the final exam of graduation do we need to see what pen student is using or whether he is wearing a Raymond shirt with a logo of a famous Laddoo shop. That’s the crux. Media is supreme manipulator which can dilute the focus or can centre-stage it.

We the sports lovers are of least concern. Make no mistake media. People are watching …and you exist because of us. Do not take us for granted. Our humble request….

LEAVE DHONI ALONE ….otherwise we will leave you alone.

Aju Deshpande –

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