Resignation spree at MSDTTA

Yogesh Desai & Amit Modi quit MSDTTA

Popular Veteran Table Tennis player Yogesh Desai & Amit Modi the Jt. Hon Secretary and Hon Secretary of Mumbai Suburban District Table Tennis Association( MSDTTA) have resigned from the managing committee of MSDTTA. While Yogesh Desai has resigned under strong protest, pinpointing the wrong functioning style of MSDTTA, Amit Modi has resigned giving personal reasons. However, the timing of their resignations one after the other, has raised many eyebrows on the present functioning of MSDTTA.

It is understood that for the past one year, Yogesh Desai had some differences with the managing committee , as it did not pay attention to his suggestions on the basic structure and other serious issues including ‘conflict of Interest’, particularly in case of the nominated Chairman. Exactly an year ago, in the meeting of MSDTTA, Yogesh Desai had pointed out that nearly three years the Chairman continued to hold the Office of Chairman of MSDTTA as well as Office of Profit as a Director of a Pvt. Ltd. Sports management Company, ignoring the spirit of Supreme Court Order accepting Lodha Commission report on this subject, which is applicable to sports bodies.

It may be recalled that both Mr. Yogesh and Amit had worked very hard for the past 5-6 years to promote the game of table tennis in Mumbai and introducing the Mumbai Super league ( MSL) was the brainchild of Amit Modi, who received a good support from table tennis enthusiasts that time. Both Amit and Yogesh are very popular among Table Tennis players in the suburbs of Mumbai. Yogesh in particular has always come forward to help the clubs in suburbs to organise tournaments, by way of sponsorship of trophies to players.

The sudden resignations of both these stalwarts has certainly raised many issues which need to be taken up seriously by the parent body of Maharashtra, the Maharashtra State Table Tennis Association and also the Table Tennis Federation of India, who are expected to issue some strict guidelines about the functioning of this local table tennis Association which is a trust owned by a n individual .