A Must Read! 5 Essential Tips to become a Perfect Batsman!

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We all want to become a good batsman, we all want to get the limelight, the respect and attention as well as help our team win the matches because of us. When someone calls us a match winner, its just a different feeling altogether. But do you know, how much of hard work goes behind getting a tag of a ‘match winner’ or a ‘promising batsman’ or a ‘great batsman’. Hence, we at sportsnasha consistently brainwash and do a lot of research to develop informative content for our readers and this article is one of it! This Article is quite important for all the aspiring youngsters who are currently planning to make it big in cricket!

1. Spend some time at the crease!

Learn from  Dravid  how to settle at the crease when things are really tough. Dravid got on mark in a test once after 40 balls, that calls for a lot of patience which every batsman should develop. Nowadays a batsman can’t even face 10 dot balls!

Just to prove someone or just because you are known to be a aggressive player or just because 10 runs are needed per over, don’t let all that baggage of pressure reach your head, spend some time at the crease, it’s completely okay if u face a few dot balls or even face a maiden to be honest. Once you get your eyes in, there is no way why you won’t be able to score runs freely instead of trying to smash every ball from the very 1st ball of your innings. Afridi & Sehwag are the biggest examples in that case as they would have scored atleast almost double the runs in their career had they developed the ability of spending some time at the crease.

2. Remove your fear & try playing proper cricketing shots….

 Shaun tait was completely brutal and the fear was also quite evident on Imran Farhat’s face. Tait was bowling at 160 k’s per hour, but Farhat still tried to counter-attack not succumbing to the fear. Even the commentators discussed the same thing.

Facing fast bowlers or great spinners is always going to be tough and when you are out of form, chances are even more you may get out quickly in their bowling. But if you develop the fear and the bowler comes to know about that, trust me the bowler will trouble you more and you will get more and more nervous and anxious, instead treat them normally, act as if you are hardly affected by their bowling and instead of displaying your struggle and fear, take singles, rotate the strike and even try playing proper cricketing shots to dent the bowler’s ego and confidence. MS Dhoni is the finest example in this case.

3. Even when you are not able to hit the ball, don’t panic and lose your wickets!

The 1st ball Dhoni faced was a bouncer smashing his head from the powerful Australians, but he kept on going….

There will be occasions when you will literally struggle to connect the ball despite you being a good hitter of the ball. You will literally get frustrated at that moment. During that time, don’t just throw away your wickets, instead of panicking, just give strike to the opposite batsman and keep on waiting till that one good ball which will shift the momentum of not only the match but also your confidence. Michael Hussey, Rahul Dravid & VVS Laxman are the right examples.

4. When boundaries are tough, engage in active running between the wickets…

A wonderful example of running between the wickets!

When you are playing professional cricket, you will also be made to play in wet pitches, flat and grassy pitches, pitches which support extreme pace and spin, there will also be teams you will be facing which will have a very strong bowling attack. There, even if you are as hard a hitter as pollard or Maxwell, things won’t work out, instead you have to be smart & learn the art of running between the wickets. As that will not only develop your confidence at the crease, you will also be able to analyze the entire field, the bowlers and the field positions & later on you can indulge in playing shots once you develop the confidence and momentum towards your side. Michael Bevan, Mohamad Kaif, MS Dhoni are the best examples.

5. Survive the best bowlers and attack the weak in times of pressure situation!

Sehwag knew hitting Chaminda vaas or Malinga every ball is a risky proposition and this is what he did to Kapugedara! Lol!

We all know how tough it would be to face Shane Warne or shoaib Akhtar bowling at you, similarly even in local cricket, there will be many bowlers who are class apart who also invoke fear into the batsman because of their great bowling, don’t try to hit them out of the park just to make a statement, in fact, take singles, rotate the strike or at the most even dodge their balls and finish off their quota of bowling spell & counter attack on the loose bowlers which every team does have one or two by default! No better example than Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar & Brian Charles Lara.