Few Stray Thoughts on year that was. ..

While sitting on a chair in a vintage saloon in a Mumbai suburb I looked back in mirror 2018 and few stray thoughts brushed my lazyly crazy mind…

Like I do not remember the start of year 2018 but I shall always remember end of the year with India winning the Boxing day cricket Test at Melbourne by quite a huge margin.

Like I am sure if rain had spoiled the last day to save Test for Australia, Virat would have rued the decision of not enforcing follow on and more than that it would have turned the glass of whisky into glass of sorrow for 31st December’s party for most of Indians

Like the real heroes of victory were Bumrah , Pujara , Virat with a outstanding supporting role played by Australian batting.

Like the year 2018 was greater and showed more Acchhe Din than 2017 as far as sports is concerned.

And that the stars who had made 2018 great and brought glory in sports were not cricketers alone is icing on the cake .

Like Mary Kom , Sindhu , Neeraj Chora , Manika Batra as well as many more ruled the world in their respective sport and made India proud are still unknown to most of Indians is indigestible but true .

Like Mary Kom was super star among super stars for India in sports arena.

Like winning the six titles by a boxer from most backward area of India is no mean achievement especially for mother of three daughters is inspiring for women who wish to make career in sports.

Like I am sure she deserves Bharat Ratna Award as much as Sachin does and most likely not to be conferred upon in near future unless it helps a political party get votes.

Like Khelo India is engaging more and more sportsmen in the remotest parts of country and it’s the biggest initiative for sports in our country till date though not enough.

And that the results of this have already started showing with India’s super performance in Asia cup as well as commonwealth games.

Like India could not win Hockey world cup held in India and no one seemed to be sorry shows the importance hockey is getting in our country.

And like I haven’t seen a game of hockey being played any where in Mumbai not only in recent time but in recent decades.

Like Rohit Sharma should not have toured if he knew he had to come back before last Test to see his new born baby, and if selectors knew then it’s one more unpardonable act by them and the most deplorable as well .

Like wanting to end this article on positive note with wish that India will win the current Test series against limping Kangaroos 3-1 in the first week of 2019 and also wishing all of you a great and world cup 2019 winning year.

Like I have learnt all the tickets for England hosted WC are full and most of the seats reserved by affluent Indians coming all the way from India would give a biggest boost for England economy suffering from Brexit fiasco.

By Aju Deshpande