Team Avid Rutsa win JK tyre off-road Event

The formidable team of Avid Rutsa and co-driver Neiketoulie Meyase, Rudkuobetvo and Pete cracked the testing mountainous terrain of Kohima to emerge victors in the JK Tyre Hornbill Off-Roading cup here on Tuesday night.
Yanger Lushang and Maken Lepden and Bento Swu and Bovito Kiho claimed the first runners-up position while Ikweithing (Justin) and Kenrak Thou and Irietui and Elu took the second runners-up in the 1.5 km course that comprised six grueling challenges and obstacles.

Each team comprises of two cars, manned by a driver and a co-driver, to help each obstacle together.
Abemo Yanthan was adjudged Best Spotter while Aviu Rutsa added another feather to his cap by winning the best offroad rig as well.

It is the first time that the off-road event has been added to the annual JK Tyre Hornbill Motor Rally which is in its ninth year of existence.




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