Play your second inning with vigor guys…

“Yar I am 45 life is over now, I don’t fee like doing anything…Let me just sit at home and relax…” I hear many men speaking this ‘given up for ever’  style quotes. Whatever!!!  I want to speak about those sportsmen who are 40-45 plus for now and have retired  playing on the field .

Many people ask us “Why are you wasting your time with old cricketers or sportsmen whose career is over. You are wasting your  time in a point of no return project. You better  target current star cricketers or sportsmen get their interviews, work with them, meet them bla bla”  I have stopped getting irritated by this lazy laid back stuff. It’s in my interest.

We at sportsnasha are aiming at two basic things, a. support young raw , hardworking, unprivileged  sportsmen with some talent and  great attitude  or sports events where no media wants to go and lose money.

Secondly, we revisit and showcase on our social media platforms including website old sportsmen who have gone into oblivion and are hardly noticed or known , or aren’t  current crop of players. We may be a bit nostalgic, bit emotional , but not just that , we also seek to relate ideas  with logic.

My pessimistically positive friends have you noticed or may are not aware that, there are many sportsmen who are doing better after they retired playing. I can give you few glamorous examples among many silently playing a second innings of their life more successfully and elegantly  than the first.

If you have played or watched test cricket  you will understand many ‘importantly imbibable fundas’ of life (I am giving example of cricket, as I feel and convinced that no other game is having so many similarities to life as cricket. Apart from Mahabharat, it’s may be the game of cricket which can teach you philosophy of life easily without going through text books)

Any way! To talk about Cricket, we all know (except those Pocorn crazy IPL fans) that there are two innings in Test cricket. Sometimes a team does well in first innings but does not do well in second and faces the danger of losing a match. On the other hand if a team does badly in first and does extremely well in second may still win.

So! So ! So! Want you to take time off your busily lazy  or lazily  busy schedule and just follow the careers of unstoppable legend Sunil Gavaskar (from cricketer to commentator) , Ravi Shastri (from All rounder to coach) , Gopichand (from Badminton star to super hit coach) , Kumble (from genius bowler to coach,administrator) , Dravid (from great Player to supreme coach) , Venkatraghavan (from good spinner to umpire ), Chetan Chauhan (from popular opening batsman to Sports minister) , Some like GR Vishwanath, Kapil are enjoying golf, Steve Waugh doing social work, Ian Chappel as an extraordinary commentator and writer and many more, Dilip Vengsarkar running chain of academies.


See how well they played their first innings and are now trying to play second innings even better. Simply adorable.

Then there are some, whose careers ended earlier without reaching their potential but still haven’t given up.

Yajurvindra singh (Test match player , who became Wisden MD and is still in the limelight in various roles as writer, administrator and much more), Ajay Jadeja (a very useful batsman whose image was tarnished but has stood up again to be an expert commentator), Arun Lal (Not so much successful at international level but was till recently considered a very good commentator partnering with naughtily witty expert sunny Gavaskar , on more occasions  than he partnered him in Test matches)

Also there are many, who were potentially good but not quite successful in first innings of their life, at international level but are with game as some important decision makers.

Can we ignore their power when we can see current lot of selectors?. With due respect to some great cricketers who might feel these current selectors of Indian cricket were not so good as players but lucky to be part of selection team which select super stars like Virat, Dhoni, Rohit Sharma.

Recently, we had felicitated many yesteryear players of Maharashtra cricket and came to know that though they have retired long back but are still playing their second innings tremendously well .

I may mention, there is Abhijit Deshpande (ex Maharashtra Ranji Cricketer now Director Symbiosis ), Prasad Kanade (ex fast bowler now runs academy), Milind Gunjal (ex captain of Maharashtra and now a coach at Sachin’s promoted academy), Nandan Phadnis (ex-Maharashtra Wicket keeper now Mumbai U-16 coach) and many more from may other sports as well.

So guys let us offer some more guards to these yesteryear sportsmen to come back and play their second innings well in probably slightly different role but remaining connected to the sport they played. It’s very important, we respect them and their performances, their knowledge about the game, let it not go waste, it is going help them as well as new  generations kids.

Moral of the story- Playing second inning with devotion is as much vital as playing first, and you know what I mean by second innings.

Sportsnasha endeavors to stand firmly behind both …those who need support while playing their first innings, as well as those who need visibility and encouragement while they are playing their second.

Folks , note my words , visibility on most powerful mediums of social media, website are going to be noticed and open new doors of opportunities for them.

Shirish Deshpande

A Sportsnasha exclusive