Few Stray Thoughts for Week End

Few stray thoughts this weekend with less noise but more hot Diwali getting over

Like  one more Diwali ending without much noise and with lesser air pollution for us as well as for Indian cricketers having a picnic time with sweet and harmless crackers like West Indies
Like I have many cricket loving friends but none has watched ,leave alone entire series,  nor match nor even a day’s play against the weakest touring side to play in India..
Like it’s a million dollar question , why West Indies still has Test Status and why India plays top star players against them.
Like West Indies series should henceforth be called Average Enhancing Series
Like now India has about 33 or more star cricketers available to play in all three formats of games excluding even recurring injury prone ones and can definitely play 3 teams in next year World Cup of which at least two teams of India can qualify  Semi Finals for sure.
Like now that Diwali is over for Indian cricket in real sense with Australia tour lined up.
Like India has best chance to beat Australia in Australia, though India is capable of turning  gold into  dust.
Like Australia will be missing Warner and Smith and their current batting strength is not even as good as current West Indies batting line up.
Like it’s most likely Australia will revoke the ban on Smith and Warner and make them available for selection against India as most bans in history of cricket have been revoked or are made to be revoked
Like highest bans in cricket must be in Pakistan and highest revoked bans also in Pakistan.
Like I am surprised Australian cricket is not well structured enough to produce good batsmen at grassroot level is evident from the fact after  losing two batsmen like Smith and Warner they have found not even half replacements .
And that I would like see you again next week with  prediction,  Indian Women team will win T20 World cup and ‘proud Indian’  Virat Kohli will  win series in  Australia  as well as all the lost fans who have been angry with him for his Leave India remark..
Aju Deshpande