20 Famous Voices of Cricket – Mimicry – By Shaarang Shringarpure

Watch and Hear 20 Famous Voices of Cricket

Does any other game has so much value for commentators than cricket?

Can anyone instantly name  famous commentators of games  other than cricket?

Can any game make commentator superstars?

Answer to all these questions are easy if you have been following cricket commentary, be it on radio or on TV.

Cricket is cricket and that’s the reason Indians love it more than Bollywood stars.

Indians have emotional attachment toward cricket commentators as much as their Moms.

Many just switch on the TV to listen to famous commentator’s smart punches and many may switch channel to listen to particular expert commentator’s spicy discussions.

Cricket has made many great players more famous as commentators. Ian Chappel , Michael Holding, Sunil Gavaskar,  Richie Beno were all outstanding cricketers but have become timeless and popular because they are super  commentators.

Commentators can make you glued to TV and give value for money even if the match is turning into as a boring affair.

Sportsnasha is little hesitant to promote non serious stuff but could not resist the temptation after listening to gifted artist boy, Shaarang. Sportsnasha is genuinely excited to introduce this super mimicry artist who is not just  sensational in his art  but has deep knowledge of the game as well. He follows cricketers and commentators of today’s  as well as yesteryears . Shaarang does mimicry of commentators with extraordinary ease and immense perfection.

Shaarang is a young guy but can take you to an entertaining trip of variety of commentators from 70s till today without compromising on soul of the each special voice with style.

Just watch and enjoy Shaarang do it for 20 famous voices of Cricket .

So guys , put on your headphones and get immersed in non-stop quality entertainment.



Swanand Phadke
Swanand Phadke, helps manage SportsNasha website and various other exciting things which help SportsNasha grow day by day. He has chosen Sports Nasha over any other Nasha in his life.